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Steel Seal
The Lion's Den
May 2017
Released: 2017, Underground Symphony
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

Despite his exit from Rhapsody of Fire in 2016, Fabio Leone has kept his powerful vocals in shape with several projects. Most notably, late last year saw the release of his new band Eternal Idol’s debut. It was an intriguing, different sound for Leone but obviously, his love for symphonic power metal has not waned as he’s back fronting Steel Seal, a somewhat unknown Italian power metal band.

For a little bit of history, Steel Seal has two previous neoclassic-influenced albums to their name, the most recent coming way back in 2010. Musically, the band fits very comfortably into the many power metal bands that followed in Rhapsody’s footsteps with up front and swirling keyboards, classical guitar runs and generally optimistic lyrics and outlook. With a pedigree like that, Leone suits the music perfectly; I’m sure it was a thrill for the band to have a power metal legend like him take over the microphone.

Musically Steel Seal treads the well-worn neoclassical power metal path. They’re excellent musicians and play it well, but there’s nothing particularly original in what they’re doing that makes them stand out from the crowded field. And seriously guys, did we really need yet ANOTHER metalized version of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony? Hasn’t that been done to death already? I know I’m being a bit harsh here – there’s really nothing wrong with THE LION’S DEN and fans of the style will enjoy it. There are some great riffs to be heard – particularly the more aggressive “Break Your Chains”.

As I said, neoclassic power metal fans will find much to enjoy on this record. It certainly helps that Leone’s powerful vocals are leading the charge and devoted fans of his will definitely want to seek out THE LION’S DEN.
Track Listing

1. Never Die
2. Master of Hell
3. Open Fire
4. Break Your Chains
5. Fate (Knocking at Your Door)
6. Lonely
7. A Dream Within a Dream
8. In for the Kill
9. Waiting for the Rain
10. Wake or Sleep


Fabio Leone: Vocals
Marco Valerio Zangani: Guitar
Adriano Rossi: Keyboards
Roberto Fasciani: Bass
Luca Iovieno: Drums



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