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Carving Angel
May 2017
Released: 2017, Minotauro Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Craving Angel started their career in 1984. Between 1988 and 1994 they played on Sunset Strip, so they saw the pinnacle of their music scene and also obviously the downfall and the end of an era. There was then silence until 2014 when they released their debut album 'Dark Horse' and now, three years later they've released 'Redemption' although with only one original member: the vocalist Buddy Hughes. Although it is 2017 Mr. Hughes has stuck in the '80s and the album is a time machine. It sounds exactly like an album from '87 or '88, and back in those days Geffen was interested in Craving Angel. So it's not a big suprise that some of the songs sound like something from 'Appetite for Destruction' and you can hear that Judas Priest and Motley Crue were big inspirations.

Of course, if you make an album like this it needs to include a ballad. Redemption's ballad is the song 'Roses are Red' - and there's even a acoustic version. I think 17 songs are a bit too much and the whole album would be better without the weaker tracks. However, I loved the sound! The production is a bit rough and makes the sound raw but it is really good, gives a cool vibe and makes you feel that the album really is from the '80s. Buddy Hughes' vocals add an extra load of feeling. Whilst I think the album is a bit outdated I can understand why he wanted to make it. You can really feel the passion in his voice.

The painting on the cover art looks like something made by someone from a secondary school who wants to be an artist but never will be. I have mixed feelings about it because it is somewhat cool but horrible at the same time.

People who loves this kind of hard rock / heavy metal will enjoy 'Redemption' a lot. The main problem with Craving Angel's latest is that I'm not sure in 2017 that these kind of lyrics and songs with this Sunset Strip lifestyle are still relevant. It's not a bad album but we've heard these songs many times and if you want to show someone music like this then 'Redemption' will not be that album.
Track Listing

01. Dirty Girls
02. Crash and Burn
03. Chicaboom
04. Hells Waiting
05. Roses Are Red
06. Outta My Way
07. Freak Show
08. Bad Voodoo
09. Everything I do
10. Gonna Party
11. Dirty Little Secret
12. Dream Chaser
13. She’s No Lady
14. Gonna Getcha
15. New Day
16. Prima Donna
17. Roses are Red (acoustic version)


Buddy Hughes - vocals
Jim Cassidy - guitars, bass, drums
Erick Wright - guitars

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