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Burning Point
Salvation By Fire
December 2001
Released: 2001, Limb Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Rick

Classic powermetal from Finland is how Burning Point are described in their promotional material. I know that record companies make up all kinds of nice little labels to stick on bands so that they can be pigeonholed. Sometimes they are right, sometimes not. In this case they are dead on the money. Burning Point play a straight ahead style of metal that pays homage to some of their influences, including Accept, Priest and Malmsteen, while making their own individual mark on the metal world.

I know it seems that the powermetal genre is chock full of bands at the moment. There are more than even I can keep track of and new ones coming out seemingly everyday. The way I look at it is that if a band is good, there is room for them in the metal world. Every band doesn't have to be great innovators, just make good music. Burning Point succeed in doing this. SALVATION BY FIRE is 10 tracks of good solid metal. "Under The Dying Sun", "Signs of Danger", "Stealer of Light" and "Fall of Thy Kingdom" are all head bobbing speedy tracks that are great for driving fast or riding on the edge. "Black Star" is a great mid tempo track that has some great lead guitar from guitarists Jukka Kyro and Pete Ahonen. . Ahonen is also the vocalist and gives Burning Point some identity in the fact that he is not a high-pitched screamer. He prefers to keep things in the mid ranges without resorting to ear piercing screams.

It seems that Limb Music are signing bands left right and center these days. They have a couple of other interesting bands on their roster that I ran across when doing some research for this review in Human Fortress and Midnight Sun. They also have some already established acts like Sacred Steel and Rhapsody. If this CD is any indication then Burning Point will be moving up to established act status in no time. Like I have already said. The music of Burning Point is not the most innovative in the world but I will take a good CD with great songs any day over one by a band trying too hard to impress and break new ground and falling flat on their face in the process.
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