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Crazy Lixx
New Religion
April 2010
Released: 2010, Frontiers
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Alan Gilkeson

Over the past few years I've read about what some call the New Wave of Swedish Sleaze and for the most part I've blown it off. For some reason the re-emergence of other styles of Metal, the likes of Thrash and Speed, seemed more legitimate. As the years pass I've fallen victim to the cliche that Hair/Glam/Sleaze Metal was not good music, that it was Hollywood make-up and Hair, without substance. Then a few weeks ago, tasked with a review of another Swedish Glam act, my mind opened up a bit as I listened to a really nice record from a band called Lippstixx 'n' Bulletz. A week later I interviewed Ron Keel, remembering that 80s L.A. Metal had some excellent acts. Now, presented with NEW RELIGION from Crazy Lixx, I'm more then ready to check out this new Glam scene that I've been putting off for far to long.

Without doubt or exception, NEW RELIGION is a powerhouse record, an 80s styled rock monolith that does more then lend tribute to that era, but surpasses much of it with inspired vocal melodies, great bluesy up-tuned riffs, and mighty memorable choruses. You worry a bit that these type of records will end up copying stuff from the past, and when the second track 'My Medicine' opened up with the 'Unskinny Bop' riff, I thought I had Crazy Lixx figured out, but then it explodes into this massive Def Leppard inspired arrangement with a great gang vocal, complete with an awesome performance from singer Danny Rexon. In fact Danny deserves a lot of credit for not only his vocals but his awesome lyrics, totally in the 80s vibe using buzzword phrases and plays on words in the vein of old school Bon Jovi.

Song after song we are hit with powerful chorus after chorus. Just when you think it can't get any better, the next song becomes yet another guitar driven rocker, unapologetic in form, brazen and super melodic songs that stick in your head. In another era this thing is a monster hit. As it is now, I believe this piece of wax stands well with any of the classics from the L.A. era. Songs like 'Blame It On Love', 'My Medicine', '21 'Til I die' and 'She's Mine' are gigantic hits, 'She's Mine' being a powerful example of Danny's lyrics, dynamic, flowing, and memorable. Great performances on this record, a great production, a real prize. Buy this thing today.
Track Listing

01. Rock and a Hard Place
02. My Medicine
03. 21 'Til I Die
04. Blame it on Love
05. Road to Babylon
06. Children of the Cross
07. The Witching Hour
08. Lock up Your Daughter
09. She's Mine
10. What of Our Love


Danny Rexon, vocals
Andy Dawson, guitars
Joey Cirera, drums
Luke Rivano, bass

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