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Extremely Fucking Dead
May 2017
Released: 2017, 20 Buck Spin
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

The words “Extremely Fucking Dead” sound like the punchline to an unfortunate joke. Ahem…

“He’s Dead.”

“How Dead is He?”

“Extremely Fucking Dead.”

What EXTREMELY FUCKING DEAD actually sounds like, however, is ripping primitive death metal at its finest. Which makes perfect sense considering the collective pedigree that Oakland’s Extremity boasts – current and former members of Agalloch, Necrosic, Vhol, Vastum, Cretin and at least a dozen more; you’ve basically got an honor roll of underground A-players paying tribute to the sounds that inspired them.

The five tracks and an intro that comprise EXTREMELY FUCKING DEAD are like a death metal yearbook from 1991. You’ve got nods to Autopsy, Asphyx, Death, NECROTICISM-era Carcass, and a healthy spread of everything else death metal that reared its ugly head during that wonderful window of history. As the Steer/Amott riffs steward tracks like “Bestial Destiny” so does the relentless Swedeath inspired salvo of the title track. It’s almost like a Gruesome record, but less tongue in cheek and covered in its own filth. The riffs are meaty and fierce, and the contrasting vocal delivery from Martinez-Hoadley and Lermo gives the tunes some extra depth and character.

Extremity’s origins date back to 2009, but it took the last eight years for the current lineup to assemble, gel, and vomit forth this current batch of godly tunes. Rumor has it that a proper follow up won’t be too far behind, but for the moment, EXTREMELY FUCKING DEAD is a viscera soaked guttural love letter to death metal’s gory daze that shouldn’t be missed. Raise your Chalice of Pus and bang thy head.
Track Listing

1. Intro (Mortuus Est Valde)
2. Crepuscular Crescendo
3. Bestial Destiny
4. Chalice of Pus
5. Fatal Immortality
6. Extremely Fucking Dead


Erika Osterhout – Bass
Aesop Dekker – Drums
Marissa Martinez-Hoadley – Guitars, Vocals
Shelby Lerno – Guitars, Vocals

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» Extremely Fucking Dead
by Aaron Yurkiewicz

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