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Flotsam And Jetsam
Ugly Noise
April 2013
Released: 2012, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There is a sense of what I would classify as misguided nostalgia. So many people I speak with think Flotsam And Jetsam is an 80’s thrash band. Sure they put out two excellent records in the 80’s but what about the other nine studio albums where they switched became just a pure Metal band? The band has developed their darker, slower, heavier signature sound on WHEN THE STORM COMES DOWN in 1990 and has never really deviated from that style. It is a unique sound and that is part of the enduring appeal of the band.

Sure there have been line-up changes, and labels changes, good times, bad times but right now the band is in a good space right now. Using a new business model of fan-supported (ie, a digital donation campaign) to make the album, UGLY NOISE is an independent creation and labour of love. The CUATRO line-up of Eric, Ed, Mike, Jason and Kelly has regrouped to create a very solid entry into the bands catalogue. The 12-track slim-line, digi-pak style isn’t my favourite look or feel to an album; it has no booklet, no lyrics, but I do like the album cover art. I had to look twice and someone actually pointed out what the image was. I thought it was rail ties or something but it is actually a tight close-up of decaying piano keys, hence the title.

Musically UGLY NOISE is as good as anything in recent memory from the guys. Stand-out tracks are ‘Gittyup’, ‘Motherfuckery’, and the streamlined head-banging of the title track and the minimalist, but punchy cut ‘Rage’. The production is very good, everything washed in darker tones and Erik’s voice is still in top shape. The songs are mostly mid-tempo with lots of head-banging intensity without coming off the rails.The band has always had a good sense of song-writing and this is no exception.

I actually bought this in January from the bands merchandise booth in Florida at the pre-70,000 Tons Of Metal gig. At the time of writing this review, the band has announced that the album is going to be reissued by Metal Blade, which means we might get revised packaging, perhaps a jewel case and maybe even a bonus track for the fans like me who bought the original? One can hope! Either way, support the band and hear some UGLY NOISE!
Track Listing

1. Ugly Noise
2. Gitty Up
3. Run and Hide
4. Carry On
5. Rabbit's Foot
6. Play Your Part
7. Rage
8. Cross the Sky
9. Motherfuckery
10. I Believe
11. To Be Free
12. Machine Gun


Eric A.K. Vocals
Michael Gilbert Guitar
Edward Carlson Guitar
Jason Ward Bass
Kelly David Smith Drums

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