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Martyr Creation
March 2017
Released: 2016, Xtreem Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Holy crap, how has this record managed to already fall off the radar? Was it even on the radar? Releasing your first new album in six years during ass end of 2016 probably isn’t the best PR move, but dammit, MARTYR CREATION deserves better than this. Hungary’s Gutted have always delivered on a promise of technical, traditional death metal, but this record is on a whole other level of quality.

If you’ve never experienced Gutted before now, you can make some quick comparative associations to early Nile, Immolation, Morbid Angel and the like; high velocity riffs with more notes than your brain is wired to handle, matched with equal amounts of structural complexity and technical proficiency. Using that kind of source material as inspiration, MARTYR CREATION packs half a decade’s worth of pent up aggression into 8 proficiently concise bundles of brutality (not counting the obligatory intro/outro).

What I found most impressive about the album was how it doesn’t use technical aptitude as a patch to support a weak set of tunes. Quite the contrary - the shred is the foundation of the song. Tracks like the opening “Cosmos of Humans” immediately hit you in the chest with a barrage of blast beats and a tornado of six string wizardry, the sole intent of which is to decimate you into submission so that you’re better prepared for the next beating. “Fades Away” is a prime example of the shred being the foundation, with its volleying twin guitars serving as an anchor to the broader tune, as is the pulsing, rhythmic mania of “Hell Dwells Inside.” They make it all sound so matter of fact, but when you sit back and listen to what's actually coming through your speakers, it's beyond impressive.

Clocking in at barely 30-minutes, MARTYR CREATION runs pretty lean, but what you get within that run-time is like highly concentrated adrenaline; any more than this and your heart will explode. Plus, given the drought between releases, you should infer that this is the best of the best material that Gutted could conjure up for your unworthy ears. MARTYR CREATION is the kind of album that should make Gutted a household name within death metal circles, it’s that good. Now can somebody show the folks at Xtreem Music how to by ad space or a proper press release?
Track Listing

1. Chaos of the Beginning (Intro)
2. Cosmos of Humans
3. False Happiness
4. Consuming Life
5. Deeper than Hell
6. Fades Away
7. Kings of Emptiness
8. Hell Dwells Inside
9. Into Oblivion
10. Atrophied Existence (Outro)


Gábor Drótos - Guitars, Vocals
Sándor Hajnali - Vocals
Tamás Sándor – Drums

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