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Heroes Of Origin
April 2013
Released: 2013, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Waspman

I’d wager it’s been a while since most metal fans had heard from ‘ol “Zetro” Souza – most likely the Exodus comeback record in 2004. Sure, he’s done a couple of lower key things since (Dublin Death Patrol), but he hasn’t had a full-on thrash assault in almost a decade. Well, Souza’s ready to rectify that with his new band, Hatriot, and he’s brought along not only fresh blood, but family as well (bassist and drummer Cody & Nick Souza are Zetro’s sons).

One listen to this album and it’s clear that Souza still loves thrash and isn’t afraid to wave the flag high. Fans of ‘80s thrash will feel right at home here; indeed, Hatriot probably sounds more like classic Exodus than Exodus does these days. Whatever the case, the new blood brings some welcome piss & vinegar to the music as there is an unmistakeable energy to this album. Souza himself sounds as good as ever, haranguing the world with his political lyrics and confrontational charisma. While people will of course listen in for him, this is not “The Steve Souza show”. Guitarists Kosta V. and Miguel Esparza are impressive guitarists, shredding their instruments to kindling with crushing riffs and fiery solos. It’s a joy to hear them play. As for the Souza boys, they form a rock solid rhythm section, and Nick keeps things interesting with thunderous fills and the occasional blast beat. Add it all up, and you have an album with no subpar songs, although there are a few obvious highlights, like “Weapons of Class Destruction”.

Fact is, HEROES OF ORIGIN is likely going to reside near the top of many year-end lists for 2013; the gauntlet has been thrown down for Thrash Album of the Year.
Track Listing

1. Suicide Run
2. Weapons of Class Destruction
3. Murder American Style
4. Blood Stained Wings
5. The Violent Times of My Dark Passenger
6. Globicidal
7. And Your Children Be Damned
8. The Mechanics of Annihilation
9. Shadows of the Buried
10. Heroes of Origin


Steve Souza: Vocals
Kosta V.: Guitar
Miguel Esparza: Guitar
Cody Souza: Bass
Nick Souza: Drums

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