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October 2014
Released: 2014, Vile Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Infamousbutcher

I just love a great metal EP don’t you? I can’t think of another genre of music that produces so many great EP’s from Slayer’s HAUNTING THE CHAPEL to Metallica’s Garage Days Re-Revisited to Dismember’s PIECES to Suffocation’s HUMAN WASTE. Add Hellcannon’s TERMINAL to that list! Hailing from Buffalo, NY, Hellcannon has been tearing up the underground metal scene since 2009 and is now poised to break out and slaughter everyone with their brand of death thrash! Original vocalist / guitarist Ryan Fiorita has now teamed up with metal veteran guitarist Jim Nickles (Malevolent Creation, Hellwitch, Vile Vindiction) and drummer Bryant Morrison. The result of this combination is fucking killer! Their newest output, TERMINAL, is a superb mix of old school blistering shredding and angry vox that will have you in a rabid frenzy!

Things start off blazing fast with “Through The Eyes of Evil”, thrashy riffs and screaming solos. The guitar is savage and heavy but polished and tight at the same time; it has elements of Slayer, Massacre and new Carcass (SURGICAL STEEL) in it while Hellcannon also maintains their own style and puts their stamp on the extreme metal world. Ryan’s raspy growl fits the music perfectly; his style is a bit like Jeff Walker (Carcass) mixed with Brett Hoffman (Malevolent Creation), awesome! The EP is very varied, “Lost Cause”, which was released earlier in the year as a single, features cool tempo changes, heavy riffs, and more guttural vox. The title track “Terminal” is more mid paced and technical but still ass kicking. Things then take a different approach with the instrumental “Arrival” which has an almost Priest-like quality to it, before it explodes into the closer “The Wasteland Remains” which features a cool Malevolent Creation inspired breakdown. Hellcannon’s 2009 demo RAIDERS OF THE WASTE is included as bonus tracks which is very cool! Sound quality is good for a demo, songs are rawer and you can hear how the new lineup is taking the band to a new level of musicianship without sacrificing any of the ferocity, which is very important in my book.

Hellcannon is now on Vile Records and Terminal is available as a special limited edition European release. This band is primed for great things; pick up a copy of TERMINAL for some killer old school death thrash and catch these guys on tour in Europe in October 2014!
Track Listing

1. Through The Eyes of Evil
2. Lost Cause
3. Terminal
4. Arrival (intro)
5. The Wasteland Remains
Bonus Tracks
6. Vicious Circle
7. Speed Killer
8. Satanic Smoke
9. Sacrifice By Fire
10. Raiders of the Waste


Ryan Fiorita - Vocals, Guitars
Jim Nickles - Guitars, Session Bass
Bryant Morrison - Drums
Sam Saba - Bass on "Lost Cause"

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