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Kobra And The Lotus
Prevail I
May 2017
Released: 2017, Napalm Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Carla (Guest reviewer Denmark/Romania)

Canadian hard Kobra and The Lotus will release their new album, "Prevail I", on May 12 via Napalm Records. The disc was produced by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Epica) and mastered by Grammy Award-winning engineer Ted Jensen.

Frontwoman Kobra Paige says about the story of "Prevail I", the band's most ambitious effort to date: "When we are born, we are innocent, pure, and unshaped. This mandala signifies a human at the beginning of its journey. Unscathed and beautiful, the mandala is each and every one of us. As this album unfolds, you will notice it's more than just music. 'Prevail I' is a story of visceral truth and I believe, if we're really being honest with ourselves, everyone will find their story within it. After all, the battles may differ, but we all started as the same mandala and we are more relatable than we'd like to admit. Our only wish is that you may enjoy the freaking crap out of this album and find comfort in realizing you’re not alone." Led by Kobra Paige, Kobra and The Lotus has been making a name for itself worldwide since 2010 with extensive touring and three well-received albums.

Opening the album with “Gotham” the scene is set, you have what you paid for, it’s the Kobra and The Lotus sound that we have grown to love over the years. Heavy yet melodic, dark yet emotional “Gotham” is what Kobra Paige described as being innocent and unshaped, with a journey ahead of us. “Trigger Pulse” takes the ending of “Gotham” and brings you to a heavy powered guitar riffs climax while we are transported deeper into the story, as we rise against the pulse. An army-like march sets the tone with “You Don’t Know” and begins an introspect of one’s self that no one can have a front seat for. With “Specimen X” we are trapped, tortured, tormented and vulnerable, calling for help. The song is full of emotions where you can hear the heart and soul of Kobra Paige coming through in the vocals. Half way through and the guitars lean in for a clear and crisp dramatic solo.

Changing the pace with “Light Me Up”, a ballad that pleads for the other half, we have the promise of the light shining through darkness. “Manifest(ing) [our] Destiny’ we are alive, imagining happiness and desire. It seems fitting that this song should have followed a dark offering, with a combination of heavy riffs and catchy chorus. With many ups and downs, “Prevail” brings us to an end with the day that changes everything, a war cry to end our journey - this was for the nonbelievers, for the adversaries in our heads that are turning our minds against us.

Evolution is inevitable and Kobra and The Lotus has delivered its most powerful album to date, "Prevail I", with "Prevail II" to complete the story in the not-too-distant future. If I haven’t been clear enough, this is a must have/listen for any heavy metal fan and no doubt, Kobra and The Lotus is the next big thing.
Track Listing

1. Gotham
2. TriggerPulse
3. You Don’t Know
4. Specimen X (Mortal Chamber)
5. Light Me Up
6. Manifest Destiny
7. Victim
8. Check The Phyrg
9. Hell On Earth
10. Prevail


Kobra Paige Vocals
Jasio Kulakowski Guitars
Brad Kennedy Bass
Marcus Lee



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