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Logic of Denial
May 2017
Released: 2017, Comatose Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Architecture, sports cars, marinara sauce, brutal death metal – is there anything that the Italian’s can’t perfect?

AFTERMATH is the third full length from Italian purveyors of death, Logic of Denial, and is a three-chapter concept album about the various stages of the grieving process. While much of that sentiment might get lost across the album’s 12 tracks, you’re still treated to a master class in brutality. A lot of times within the brutal spectrum, you either rely too heavy on the slam or you get too adventurous and cram too many notes into a single tune. AFTERMATH succeeds by walking a fine line between those two worlds. The band is wildly proficient on a technical level, but they never overcomplicate a riff for the sake of ego. And when there’s a slam to get across, it’s usually conveyed in a single, punctuated bottom end BOOM that will shake both your speaker box and your rib cage.

Logic of Denial also balances the level of experimentation across the album, with tracks like “Gorging on Innocence” introducing itself as a more traditional tech death adventure, while “Violating the Canvas of the Forgotten” and “The Decaying Drama” explore sci-fi dalliances and “Euphoric Abhorrent Synthesis” goes straight guttural caveman beat down. Whatever the approach, there’s a constant common thread of polished performances and smartly crafted songs being matched against the filthy sentiments of underground death metal, and it works remarkably well.

With each record under their belt, Logic of Denial have succeeded in evolving their sound and challenging themselves as songwriters, actively striving to set themselves apart in a very crowded market. Even without digging into AFTERMATH’s grief concept, it’s a wholly satisfying platter of tech punishment that gets better and better with each listen. Comatose Music has already lined up a solid release schedule so far this year, but Logic of Denial are a definite highlight.
Track Listing

1. Abcission
2. Devouring Seeds of the Apocalypse
3. Gorging on Innocence
4. Miroir
5. Sufferance
6. Assenza (The Sufferance Ouveture)
7. Larvae of Eden
8. The Decaying Drama (Pt. I: Quietus - Pt. II: Antinferno)
9. Defilement
10. Violating the Canvas of Forgotten Purity
11. Immaculate
12. Euphoric Abhorrent Synthesis


Justin Stubbs - Vocals/Guitar
Derrik Goulding - Guitar
Wayne Sarantopoulos - Drums
Rhys Spencer - Bass

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