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March 2017
Released: 2016, Limb Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I discovered Minotaurus quite late into their career when they got signed to Limb Records for their 6th release called THE CALL, released back in 2013. I reviewed that album and I finished that review by saying I am now a champion of the band. You barely see any press on these guys, and I think they deserve it so here is a few thoughts on their newest full length studio album, INSOLUBILIS. Released in late 2016, I did not see a single review of this album so I am here to correct that injustice!

The album cover for INSOLUBILIS (which means, cannot be contested or destroyed) is straight out of 1980’s Dungeon & Dragons Module with a dwarven warrior in a golden temple awakening the mighty Minotaur! The band is still on Limb Records and there seems to be some line-up changes with a new drummer, new lead guitarist and a new female lead vocalist, the band seems to shift between six or seven members. INSOLUBILIS is your classic ten-song album running under an hour and the production is very fine, courtesy of Rolf Munkies in Empire Studios.

This celtic/folk infused Power Metal band is still top notch in all respects. The male-female lead vocals work so well, especially on songs like ‘Cemetery’ where Oliver and Clarissa sing a duet. Many bands choose to employ a ‘beauty and the beast’ (Sweet female vs. Harsh male) vocal style, which I love as well, but both signers use a clean style and compliment each other very well. The lyrics weave tales of dark myths and legends with songs about Davy Jones, witches, hauntings and graveyards. The band seemed to have eased back a bit on the celtic/folk style, although we still get to hear some acoustic guitar, flute and harp but perhaps not as much as I would like. There is a nice energy on many songs, such as ‘Poison Rose’ and ‘Legend’. The choruses are catchy, most of the tunes have an anthemic, feel good quality, without being too sweet or poppy. When they slow down on a melancholy cut called ‘The Haunted Palace’ they are also in fine form, with an engaging song laced with acoustic guitar. I enjoyed INSOLUBILIS start to finish.

I feel INSOLUBILIS is a little more straight ahead in terms of compositions than the previous album, THE CALL but it still very enjoyable. If you like bands like Falconer, (older) Elvenking and Vexillum then Minotaurus should be right up your alley. I can see this band getting on 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise one day and impressing a lot of people!
Track Listing

1. Preacher Show Me the Way
2. Davy Jones' Locker
3. Only a Dream
4. Cemetery
5. Poison Rose
6. Shelter of the Witch
7. Bonfire Brothers
8. Legend
9. The Haunted Palace
10. Insolubilis


Reiner Zumkeller (Guitar and Backing-Vocals)
Marcus Finger (Bass)
Oliver Klump (Lead-Vocals)
Clarissa Hobeck (Lead-Vocals)
Daniela Schneider (Flute, Harp, Bassoon)
Jürgen Hermann (Solo Guitar)
Andreas Finger (Drums)



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