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Orden Ogan
Easton Hope
March 2010
Released: 2010, AFM Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Theis Rytoft

Let us make a chemical mixture! I have written the formula so things are easy to add: Power metal, melodic elements (read keyboards), entwined catchy vocals, and an epic atmosphere. The result will be, if done correctly, Orden Ogan - EASTON HOPE.

Featuring an interesting title as well as a riveting cover, EASTON HOPE was poised to show me something good. An instrumental intro tries to soothe me but I am not that easy, hah! Even though the second track “Nobody Leaves” is a strong one with its catchiness and appealing vocals, pleasantly placed keyboards and nice volume of drums it does not hit me on my high score.

The third on this album is non-inspiring as the vocals experience some heavy demolition but the track ends with a good melody. Nice huh? Overall this is illustrating EASTON HOPE very well: The vocal is like a caramel: nice taste but sticky all over; throughout the album it gets a little bit boring. That being said the vocals also possess a wide array of expressions. What the album does well is the backing of the primary vocals. It adds a very good dimension to it and keeps everything remaining tasteful. Also, one of the main forces from Orden Ogan is the ability to create a cloud of atmosphere which unleashes some epic elements. This is made up by the whole musical composition that works superbly to promote such.

As described the album has some really good aspects but also some flaws: After listening to the album 5 times I cannot help but not be aroused. Maybe I am not supposed to be? Actually I am not quite sure if these epic melodies should evoke such feelings? Throughout my listening EASTON HOPE has made me doubt this but with a crowded power metal scene does Orden Ogan then distinguish themselves enough?

With a great epic atmosphere and a really interesting orchestra performance along with a good fitting vocals though a bit tedious, I see myself pulling EASTON HOPE out later this year. It is a decent release from Orden Ogan.
Track Listing

01. Rise And Ruin
02. Nobody Leaves
03. Goodbye
04. Easton Hope
05. Welcome Liberty
06. All These Dark Years
07. Nothing Remains
08. Requiem
09. We Are Pirates
10. The Black Heart
11. Of Downfall And Decline


Seeb - Vocals / Guitar
Ghnu - Drums
Lars - Bass
Tobi - Guitars
Nils - Keyboard / Vocals

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