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Orden Ogan
The Things We Believe In [EP]
January 2013
Released: 2012, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Having been quite a seasoned and revered band since their formation in 1996 , Orden Ogan have been held up in the same way as Blind Guardian have been; and their current discography and well established sound both validate that. This recent Promo EP is a brief yet satisfying venture into the band’s next stage of growth which is further evoked through the full length album that was recently released.

Opening with, ‘The Things we Believe in’ strums out in a Neo-classical acoustic vibe with wind effects resonating in the back ground. The track bursts out with a metal crunch of solid drumming, gliding riffs and group vocals, giving a euphoric sense of unity. The lyrical passages lament a well-ground story telling balance between the verse/chorus sections.

‘The End’ the catchy riffs break in with full vibrancy with some intricate lead running alongside the tight drumming. The chorus comes with a cathartic sing-along quality that should have venues singing aloud at live shows. Meanwhile, the fret board wizardry found in the songs crescendo comes with plenty of face-melting finger tapping that keeps everything soaring high in the skies above.

Finally, the Promo CD comes with a music video of the track. Visually, everything comes together well with a cold and snowy depiction of the band playing in an abandoned room. Meanwhile, in terms of narrative, the video portrays several characters who appear to be dying in the bleak desolation outside but who later become revived by a glowing character.

Overall, quite an interesting offering from a band who have conjured up all the positive aspects of Power Metal but have avoided lapsing into pretensions or over indulgent solos that so many other acts have done in the past. The sound is well refined and memorable, even those who are not into the genre may find themselves getting roped in.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. The Things We Believe In
2. To The End
3. The Things We Believe In (Music Video)


SEEB - vocals, lead-guitar, keyboards
TOBI - lead-guitar
SPOONY - bass
DIRK - drums

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