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The Metal Mass-Live (DVD)
May 2017
Released: 2017, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

It is no secret that physical media is becoming obsolete. With the increased ease and convenience of digital streaming and download services, legal and illegal, producers to provide more and more incentive for people to buy physical CD’s and especially DVD’s. Elaborate packaging and various content bonuses are a common enticement but one of the most common ways to get people to buy DVD’s is volume. Not volume as in ‘loudness’ but the sheer quantity of material. The Kataklysm DVD was seven hours long, the recent Edenbridge DVD was a whopping nine hours long and the newest Powerwolf DVD is also seven hours long! It boats a sticker on the front that boasts 417 minutes. I had to calculate how long that is! For the record it is six hours and 57 minutes. To put it in perspective, the total running time of the entire Powerwolf studio discography is 263 minutes, or four hours and 23 minutes. You could listen to every Powerwolf album and it is still shorter than this DVD! I for one am happy because in the spirit of Metal where more is more, too much is never enough.

THE METAL MASS LIVE is (sort of) the first Powerwolf DVD. There have been a couple of other Powerwolf DVD’s that have come as part of a box-set or included with a magazine, but this is the first true stand-alone Powerwolf DVD on the Metal market. Is it is very well produced DVD set. It comes in a beautiful hard-shell case with a slipcase. It is a three disc set (1 CD, 2 DVD’s) and a 46 page full-colour booklet attached in the middle with tons of photos and some commentary on each of the three concerts. It is very nice, like much of the high-quality merchandise the band produces, the label really invested some time money into this package. The CD is a shortened version of the 2015 show in Oberhuasen, Germany.

DVD 1 has two full festival concerts, Masters of Rock and Summer Breeze. The second DVD has the aforementioned Oberhausen show, a smaller club show (but still pretty big!) and a bunch of bonus features. The Festival shows are pretty massive affairs, full stage production, tons of pyro, multi-camera angles, monster crowds; all very theatrical to match the bands unique catholic werewolves imagery. The set-lists between the three shows were virtually identical which is not surprising because they were all shot that same summer/fall of 2015. Many people call Powerwolf one of the most entertaining live bands and I’d have to agree, they bring a great stage show. I enjoy watching the big festival shows but the added content on the DVD I found to be the most interesting.

There are four Powerwolf videos which was exciting for me because I had never seen a Powerwolf video before. They just do not show them on TV over in North America. It was cool that even though they are on Napalm Records they included the videos from the Metal Blade Records era. There is an 11-minute documentary shot at Summer Breeze, sort of a companion piece to that day. The only tragic point is that the feature was spoken in German and there was no sub-titles feature! It just sort of followed them for the day; footage of the band arriving, hanging out on the bus, doing autograph sessions, catering, media interviews, getting ready for the gig etc. It was a nice little behind the scenes teaser for the concert.

The main documentary is called “Kreuzweg-Of Wolves And Men” and it runs for about an hour. Thankfully this documentary was in English but the speakers on screen would switch back and forth between English and German so I would have to keep flipping back and forth between sub-titles. The well-paced and well thought out documentary followed the band since their inception in 2004 or so and is anchored by interviews with all of the members in fairly causal setting. Inter-spliced are lots of live clips, video shots interviews with fans and backstage stuff. I learned a lot about the band who are massively popular in Europe and remain virtually unknown in North America. To this day Metal Blade has still not released the first few albums in North America, except in odd and expensive box-sets! The documentary was a great overview for fans of the band.

Many people ask, who is going to be the next Iron Maiden or the next Judas Priest? Well, the new young hungry generation of bands is already here, bands like Sabaton and Powerwolf regularly command these utterly massive audiences on the European festival circuit and now you and your fellow sinners can congregate enjoy THE METAL MASS-LIVE from the comfort of your own home!
Track Listing


Live At Masters Of Rock
Live At Summer Breeze
A Day At Summer Breeze (Documentary)
Video Clips


Live At Oberhausen
Kreuzweg-Of Wolves And Men (Documentary)

Live At Oberhausen


Attila Dorn Vocals
Charles Greywolf Bass, Guitars
Matthew Greywolf Guitars
Falk Maria Schlegel Keyboards
Roel van Helden Drums



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