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Voodoo Circle
More Than One Way Home
April 2013
Released: 2013, AFM
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I really enjoyed the 2008, self-titled debut album by Voodoo Circle. Its Melodic Metal really spoke to me. I was quite surprised at the directional change for their second album BROKEN HEART SYNDROME, released in 2011. It’s 70’s blues-based sound was a change but a welcome one. Here we are in early 2013 and the band have finally blended the two sounds and styles of the first pair of records into the perfect amalgamation of 80’s Melodic Metal and 70’s blues rock…and you what? It sounds like Whitesnake circa 1984-1989. Wrap your head around that, Voodoo Circle in the year 2013 is making music that sounds like it was made in the 80’s, and influenced the 70’s. What makes music timeless is bands like Voodoo Circle, making albums like MORE THAN ONE WAY HOME, keeping that very sound alive, even 30 years later.

The band is still on AFM and still has the same line-up and they have offered up a dozen tracks of excellent Whitesnake inspired material. I normally try not to draw too many comparisons between bands but in this case this album is so close to Whitesnake’s self-titled multi-platinum block-buster from 1987, that it is scary. Vocalist, David Readman is channeling the spirit of Coverdale and he is not even dead yet! His vocal delivery is almost an exact duplicate even down to the little, non-lyrical noises ‘ooh’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ heard in the songs.

The lyrics are also dangerously close, I mean is it possible that when writing the lyrics to MORE THAN ONE WAY HOME the band was listening to their old Whitesnake vinyl? I don’t think there is an intentional lyrical similarity between...

‘Tears In The Rain’ (Voodoo Circle) and ‘Crying In The Rain (Whitesnake)

‘Cry For Love’ (Voodoo Circle) and ‘Hungry For Love’ (Whitesnake)

‘Victim Of Love’ (Voodoo Circle) and ‘Guilty of Love’ (Whitesnake)

‘The Saint and The Sinner’ (Voodoo Circle) and ‘Saints and Sinners’ (Whitesnake)

‘Heart Of Babylon’ (Voodoo Circle) and ‘Child of Babylon’ (Whitesnake)

…well…you get the picture. If you are familiar with Whitesnake lyrics there are many phrases exactly lifted and re-used in the songs on this record.

The solos of Beyrodt and an exact mirror of the guitar tone on the late 80’s albums and even the execution of the solos match those of John Sykes. The huge keyboard swashes, the moody intro’s, the breathy vocal delivery of Readman, it’s all immaculate. The production is close, the tone, the tempo, everything is almost an exact replica!

In the final analysis, I really don’t care that MORE THAN ONE WAY HOME is a loving tribute, make that the world’s most faithful tribute, to Whitesnake’s 1987 album. It is an amazing record I love to this day and I am so glad that Voodoo Circle released this album because it is so well done, so spot on capturing the energy, the vibe, the passion and emotion of that great record, it can’t be faulted. I welcome MORE THAN ONE WAY HOME, it is the perfect follow up to 1987. More bands need to make music like this. A combination of great songs and a great delivery means that perhaps Voodoo Circle may usurp the master Coverdale himself.
Track Listing

1. Graveyard City
2. Tears in the Rain
3. Heart of Babylon
4. Cry for Love
5. Alissa
6. The Ghost in Your Heart
7. Bane of My Existence
8. More Than One Way Home
9. The Killer in You
10. The Saint and the Sinner
11. Victim of Love
12. Open Your Eyes


David Readman Vocals
Alex Beyrodt Guitar
Mat Sinner Bass
Jimmy Kresic Keyboards
Markus Kullmann Drums

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