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Ewing, Jerry
Treasures Of AC/DC (Book Review)
April 2017
Released: 2012, Carlton
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I believe that almost everyone has that one band that they truly love. In the case of Jerry Ewing, that band is AC/DC.

Ewing comes from the old school heady days of Metal journalism, where writers could make a living and magazines had budgets to send people places to cover events. Back in the day he wrote for Metal Forces and Metal Hammer, Ewing is the old guard but is also one of the more respected Metal journalists around. An observant reader can distinguish between a journalist who is just doing a assignment; getting paid to cover a band/story/tour/concert and those writers who are the true fans. Again, Ewing falls in the latter category and he has written his love-letter to his band AC/DC.

TREASURES OF AC/DC was published in 2102 and it is a monster coffee-table book. I use the term ‘monster’ in reference to physical size, not actual page count. If you look at it, it is only 62 pages long. The book comes in a big hard shell cover and itself is an over-sized, full colour hard cover. The book covers the history of the band, broken into bit size pieces for easy reading. There is a discography, list of band members, profiles on the key band members over the years and an album by album overview…taking us up to BLACK ICE. What is extra special is that TREASURES comes with actual treasure! There are 15 pieces of re-printed memorabilia, collective items such has tickets, posters, letters, a backstage pass and more, all lovingly replicated. I always wanted one of those AC/DC dollars that you saw on the ‘Money Talks’ video! I never saw them on that tour but now I finally have one of my own, safely housed in the sturdy box-set.

The book is fun and easy to read the actual text is almost irrelevant. There really is no new information in the book that can’t be found in any of the dozens of books about AC/DC currently on the market but that is not the point. It is the colour, the size, the photos, the extras, the collectible memorabilia, the electric energy sizzling off the page that makes TREASURES OF AC/DC so special. Sometimes the sizzle is that extra special, self-indulgent treat, even if it is not all that substantial.

Yes, there are more detailed and comprehensive books about AC/DC on the market. However, none of them look like this. Every die-hard AC/DC loyalist, collector, historian and archivist will want this book on their shelf. Most causal fans who don’t want to read a 300-400 page non-fiction paperback packed with obscure trivia, will want this to proudly display. TREASURES OF AC/DC hits the sweet spot.
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