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Lunatic Hooker
Embrace the Filth
April 2017
Released: 2017, Black Bow Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

I firmly believe that if society encouraged more unrestrained, blunt expression like EMBRACE THE FILTH, the world might be a more accommodating and understanding place.

Lunatic Hooker (fantastic name, btw) is a UK grind/sludge outfit that embraces the Euro grind sensibilities of Rotten Sound, Nasum, and classic HM-2 Swedeath and binds it with the dopesick ugliness of Iron Monkey and Eyehategod. It’s an unusual cross pollination of heavy that works remarkably well, wrangling in two disparate ends of the extremity spectrum into a collection of concisely crafted hostility.

Like any self assured grind album, EMBRACE THE FILTH explores themes of social consciousness and bat-s#!t crazy noise pollution. As “My God is Bigger Than Yours” emphatically declares that “the human race is f#@ked” against a backdrop of early Earache noise, and you can’t help but agree and bang your head in support - because it is, and we are. “Unearthed Dead Children” and the C-3PO sampled “Sarlac” offer more of the molasses footed doom implied by the band’s PR release, while “Blood Eagle” and the epic “Transformation Walrus” summon inspiration from INDECENT-era Dismember and PUTREFACTION-era Carcass. Whether it’s the weight of the production or the sheer ballast of the band itself, the bottom end of these riffs will totally rattle your gut and shake the cobwebs from your mind.

Side note - I’m not sure if vocalist George is running his voice through a harmonizer or if it’s just double tracked as high and low spectrum growls, but either way it’s a vicious additional dimension to a set of already sufficiently vicious tunes.

We’re long overdue for some gutturally sick grindcore; that Lock Up record was good – but Lunatic Hooker is REALLY good. For those who prefer their metal ugly and abbrasive, get your hands dirty and EMBRACE THE FILTH.
Track Listing

1. My God is Bigger Than Yours
2. Beard Feared
3. The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
4. Unearthed Dead Children
5. Embracing the Filth
6. Blood Eagle
7. F#^ks All
8. Cult Chaos
9. Transformation Walrus
10. See the Light
11. Spain in the Neck
12. Sarlac


George - Vox
Ross - Guitars
Kaz - Guitars
Duncan - Bass
Rafa – Drums

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by Aaron Yurkiewicz

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