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The Road More Or Less Travelled
August 2017
Released: 2017, Frontiers
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Treat are a hard rock, glam metal band from Stockholm. They have been one of those on again, off again bands over the years. Their first album was released in 1985 and since then they have only 7 full lengths to their credit. And maybe just as many hiatus’.

THE ROAD MORE OR LESS TRAVELED was recorded right on the heels of the 2016 release GHOST OF GRACELAND and does contain titles from that album. “Ghosts of Graceland” is actually the show opener. Like I was saying, this was recorded last April 2016 at the 3rd annual Frontiers Rock Festival. I cannot speak for the crowd as I have to see any DVD footage, but from the sound of this live recording, a very good one I must say, it doesn’t sound as if there is much of a crowd in attendance. Maybe they fazed the audience out when mixing. Maybe.

So Treat play a fairly decent timed set which consists of mostly newer songs but also includes such past gems as “World of Promises”, “Get You On The Run”, and “Ready For The Taking“. A great sounding set by a great sounding band. They are closer to the hard rock side than the melodic rock side. So check ‘em out.
Track Listing

1. Ghost Of Graceland
2. Better The Devil You Know
3. Non Stop Madness
4. Ready For The Taking
5. Papertiger
6. Do Your Own Stunts
7. Endangered
8. Gimme One More Night
9. We Own The Night
10. Roar
11. Get You On The Run
12. Conspiracy
13. Skies Of Mongolia
14. World Of Promises


Robert Ernlund - Vocals

Anders Wikström -Guitar
Pontus Egberg - Bass
Jamie Borger - Drums
Jona Tee – Keyboards



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