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Twelve Noon
August 2017
Released: 2017, Eclipse-Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Twelve Noon out of Pittsburgh have just released their debut album, Saints and Sinners. The album opens with ‘Change my Ways’. It’s a good hard rock song to get the album going and give the listener a good taste of what the band can do. With Michael Loew behind the mic they have a front man with a lot of range, and the talent to change his vocal style at the drop of a hat, going from rock vocal sounds one minute to guttural growling the next. The track has a quick pace which keeps it moving along nicely and features an impressive solo in the middle from guitarist Rob Heil. All in all, it’s a very solid opening track.

Next up is ‘Breaking Down’, where Michael Loew again displays the wide vocal range at his disposal, and he really shines here with a very strong performance. Everything about the song, from the lyrics to the sound of the song itself just scream radio, so who knows, maybe this track will grace the airwaves in the near future.

The next two songs are the title track, ‘Saints and Sinners’, and ‘Hope in Tragedy’. The album takes a step up here, the first of the two tracks is a hard-hitting, ear-drum shattering rock song, while the latter brings a change of pace, being almost a ballad. Once again, Loew turns in an impressive showing, ‘Hope and Tragedy’ could easily be another one that gets the band a lot of radio time, it will certainly appeal to fans of more soft rock.

The second half of the album has its highs and lows. In ‘Carry On’ it’s very much a high. The track has a very similar style to ‘Hope and Tragedy’ and is very much another ballad. It’s a very nice song to listen to, and showcases the level of song writing the band possesses. There is a guitar solo in the middle of the track, which breaks up the monotony with something a bit different. The next track, ‘No Way Out’, is in my opinion the strongest track on the album.

It’s a very solid offering, with that barking style of vocals on the chorus and a guitar sound that will stay stuck in your head long after you finish listening to the album. I could easily see this being the first single from the album; it’s on a level above the other tracks.

‘Back for More’ is another good track. Coming immediately after the fantastic ‘No Way Out doesn’t do it any favors, as anything was always going to look worse by comparison, but it’s catchy enough not to drag the album down as sometimes happens with songs towards the end of an album. It features some lively, high-tempo drumming; some impressive guitar work; and some good vocals, all coming together to prove that they haven’t taken their foot off the pedal yet.

The penultimate song, ‘Bottom of the Bottle’ is also a worthwhile offering. It’s a strong sounding track that keeps the album moving along at a swift pace towards its conclusion. It’s nothing outstanding, but not bad either, just another decent hard rock track.

The final track, appropriately called ‘The End’, is another hard-hitting wall breaker of a song. It closes out the album on a high note. At first, I had the impression it was going to be another ballad-esque track, but thank Dio I was wrong. This was a much better finale to their first album, and it ended on a memorable note.

This album is somewhat of a mixed bag there are really strong songs on the album like No Way Out, Hope in Tragedy and Breaking Down the only down side the band uses many Ballad style tracks for my liking. In Rob Loew the band has an outstanding front man who I believe can take this band forward into the next album where I hope they take the next step up. It's a solid start now let's see what this band does next.
Track Listing

1 Change My Ways
2 Breaking Down
3 Saints and Sinners
4 Hope in Tragedy
5 Better Side
6 Carry On
7 No Way Out
8 Back for More
9 Bottom of a Bottle
10 The End


Michael Loew (vocals)
Rob Heil (guitar)
Tim Clark (bass)
John Devlin (guitar)
Justin Runkel (drums)



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