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December 2017
Released: 2017, Suicide Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Firebreather are fresh on the scene; the quartet from Gothenburg arise from a centre of the metal world where expectations are set and bands have fortified near legendary status. Although the Gothenburg scene is built around the more melodic death metal sound, we have here a band that shifts away from what could be considered as the norm in Firebreather. The sludge is strong in these ones as the sound which has spread from the deep south of the United States to the darkest corners of Scandinavia.

The four track album spans for over 30 minutes and has many likeable qualities that propel it into the back of your mind. With enough crushing riffs to satisfy even the most ardent sceptic, the band's self-titled debut keeps all the essentials in check. The bass lines that introduce the first two tracks gives you an instant interest and when those riffs kick in, then you are well and truly suckered.

So much power erupts when all features connect. The drums crash and roll just at the right moments to compound the sound's building impact. Guitarist and vocalist Mattias Nööjdand doesn't relent much with his harsh and decisive vocals that stand over the deliuge of potent music. When it's heavy it's heavy and when it's eerie and's also heavy.

You get an interesting twist with deep imagery of myth and legends coupled with the deep sludgy grooves. In terms of a standout, the opening track 'Fire Foretold' has just all the right ingredients to sell their sound. The near 12 minute eclips of the album 'Release The Lava' is also worth a mention as it ears up a third of the album it'd be hard not to pay it its dues. Slower crawling yet equally as potent when those titanic riffs blare out

There's an almost 70s style to the tone of the guitars especially when Mattias feels like getting fingery and issues out a searching solo. The production adds to this to give this debut an almost mythical feel. It almost freezes your ears with its icy grip. The primal elements of this album blend well to create a decent if not stellar twist to the sub genre. It must be heavy as hell live.

Review By: Pete Mutant
Track Listing


Suicide Records

Release: 13 October 2017

1. Fire Foretold

2. Emerald Eyes

3. The Ice Lord

4. Release The Lava


Guitars/Vocals-Mattias Nööjdand
Bass-Kyle Pitcher
Drums-Fredrik Käll),

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