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December 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Canadian Carnage! Because I am a true patriot, once or twice a year I like to do a quick spotlight and some short reviews on newer, independent, underground Canadian Metal bands. That time is now! Thanks to all of the bands who sent me material for my spotlight. In the spirit of the PMRC, I have chosen a ‘Filthy Fifteen’ (+1!) as some (but not all!) of the bright lights, innovators and leaders of Canadian Metal. Most of them are independent bands releasing their debut album or EP in 2017. Check these bands out, they are the future of Metal! They are (listed alphabetically)…

Abomb (Calgary)

Decatur (Toronto)

Emblem (St. John’s)

Evereal (Mission)

Hammerdrone (Calgary)

Heaven’s Fire (Toronto)

Hounskull (Mississauga)

Ice War (Ottawa)

Maglor (Calgary)

Monarch Woods (London)

Operus (Toronto)

Osyron (Calgary)

Solarus (London)

The Lightbringer (Quebec City)

To The Mountains (Lethbridge)

Votov (Winnipeg)

It seems odd to me that a band with a medieval/gothic sounding band name would do a Science-fiction theme for their debut album!

After a brief and somewhat uninspired intro called ‘Into The Void’ the band launch into their eight-track, 37 minute-album called GALACTILORD. The production is a little muted but not terrible by any means. The music itself is very well executed classic / traditional Metal. They have a nice tempo, good energy that is sustained all the way through the album. The songs are no-frills, pretty stripped down raw, harkening back to early 80’s underground USPM and NWOBHM styles. They throw in some decent bass intros and acoustic guitar intros to make things a bit more interesting. The songs are competent and catchy and chug along nicely. Highlight for me is the 7 minute title track ‘Galactilord’.

There are a ton of bands in this dare I call it retro style and it is solid but they might have to work a bit more on energy and delivery to really stand out from the pack.
Track Listing

1. Into the Void
2. Traveller
3. Scrapyard Mongrel
4. Iron Bird
5. Secrets of the Crown
6. Galactilord
7. Galactic Death Race
8. MourningStar
9. The Stars My Destination...


Kyle White Bass, Vocals
Shreyas Madhuranath Drums
Alex Tamo Guitars, Vocals



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