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Demo 2017
December 2017
Released: 2017, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

Here at we don’t normally review demos for a couple of reasons. In the past we would not review demos because there was just so much material to cover, we can barely keep up with new, full-length studio albums, let alone tons of demos. More recently the demo in it’s traditional form is becoming more rare and we get far fewer of them sent to us.

Originally a band would record a rough demonstration cassette (or demo) to give to record companies to solicit them to sign them to go into a proper, and usually expensive, recording studio with a paid producer to make the final product. These days it is very rare that a record company will put much money into paying a studio and producer and giving a band an advance. Very rare. These days bands do their own home recording digitally so what they produce can often sound just as good using the same digital tools. So there is almost no point anymore in recording a true ‘demo’.

Despite all that, I decided to review Overlorde’s DEMO 2017 for a few reasons. We have supported the band for ages. Evil G reviewed their DEMO 2000 fourteen years ago…back when a demo still meant something. Secondly, the band was featured on our first and only (to date) compilation CD. So we wanted to bring attention to our old friends even though under normal circumstances we might not bother.

DEMO 2017 is a three-track reintroduction to Overlorde who seem to have been pretty dormant (in terms of recording) for quite a few years. Their only album RETURN OF THE SNOW GIANT back in 2004 was quite well-received but for whatever reason they were unable to capitalize on the good start.

What is impressive is that the band has been around since 1985. What is more impressive is that they have recruited a new powerhouse vocalist, George Tsalikis (Zandelle, Gothic Knights). The loss of Bobby Lucas (Attacker, Seven Witches) was big but George is a world-class vocalist and a great addition to the band. He is a perfect fit for this USPM band and he greets us with a great scream at the opening of the first cut, ‘Awaken The Fury’! The songs are well-recorded, they sound fine in terms of production value. The songs are quick, classic / traditional Metal songs, bordering on Power Metal, well arranged and ably performed by the veterans. They are not earth-shattering original but I would not want the band to change styles, just to gain a broader audience. They have stuck too their guns writing what they know and love, classic Heavy Metal.

Let’s hope this little 3-song, 18-minute demo turns into a record label deal , a new full-length studio album with good distribution, and then a tour with a date in my hometown and eventual global domination touring stadiums. That is the goal.
Track Listing

1. Awaken the Fury
2. The Madness Within
3. Destroy Us All


George Tsalikis Vocals
Mark Edwards Guitar
John Bunucci Bass
George Janeira Drums



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