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I Am Legion
December 2017
Released: 2017, Century Media
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Mr. Metalguy (Guest Reviewer)

“That’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time,” I think to myself, while feeling slightly sorry for Obi-Wan and rushing to make sure I still own a copy of 1999s DEAD HOT AND READY from Sweden’s Witchery. It turns out I do. Now, a lifetime later, their newest release crosses my desk in the form of I AM LEGION. Cool cover!

Share D’Angelo and his various associations could be seen to be the only reason anyone cared, or cares, about Witchery beyond their 1999 breakout shredfest. Keeping up with them sporadically over the years has, for me, been an experience in diminishing returns, with each subsequent release leaving me basically nonplussed at best and totally apathetic at worst. In short, there just always seems to be something else to listen to within the same black ‘n’ roll speedy d beat infested riff fest of a genre that Witchery occupy. And that’s basically the thing - there is a metal sphere full of bands playing fast and loose in this style that are plainly better at it.

I AM LEGION is by no means a bad album but it occupies a particular realm of forgetability. Maybe that is due to an over saturation of the sound and style (akin to the rise of 70s inspired retro everything lately) or maybe their brand never particularly clicked with me. In any case I can’t recommend it fully when there are Nunslaughters, Goatwhores, and Midnights to be listened to. I dunno, give it a try. But keep your receipt. And the cover really is cool.
Track Listing

1. Legion
2. True North
3. Welcome, Night
4. Of Blackened Wing
5. Dry Bones
6. Amun-Ra
7. Seraphic Terror
8. A Faustian Deal
9. An Unexpected Guest
10. Great Northern Plague
11. The Alchemist


Angus Norder Vocals
Rickard Rimfält Guitar
Jensen Guitar
Sharlee D'Angelo Bass
Chris Barkensjö Drums



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