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The Last Traveler
January 2018
Released: 2017, Independent
Rating: 0.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Brotthogg (old Norwegian dialect for ‘the unpleasant one’) is a new band hailing from Trondheim in Norway. The band is relatively unknown, but the band describes themselves as epic progressive death/black/trash metal, whatever that may mean. In addition, they claim to be heavily influenced by bands such as Dissection and Satyricon. They state that their main music is modern black metal which is influenced by the other aforementioned genres.

The album opens with the title track ‘The Last Traveler’ and immediately it is clear that this isn’t my cup of tea. Fast-paced, technical, melodic guitar riffs combined with synthesizer sounds and death/black-ish metal vocals. The music is everything but black metal. It sounds like extremely progressive technical death metal that is unable to captivate me for even a moment. Despite all the efforts, the track sounds monotonous, uninspiring, and at times rather getting on my nerves.

With ‘The Misantrophe’ I got another disappointment; it sounds exactly the same as the previous track. Same drums, similar riffs, same annoying synth, and near identical drum beats. The only good thing about this song is that some bits are catchy here and there. The production, I might add, is proper and the sound clean.

More of the same with ‘The Avenger’. Without the titles I would not be able to keep the songs apart from one another. From around two minutes into the track I got a pleasant surprise with an actually decent part heavily influenced by Dissection, but then it continues the same way as it has done so far and I couldn't wait for the album to be over.

The final song, ‘The Final Chapter’, starts with melodic guitar lines, unoriginal and pompous. In addition, again the same setup of similar sounding guitar riffs, same drum beats (again), synth sound, but still with vocals I could appreciate (to a certain extent) throughout the album and reminded me of Glen Benton, at times. But the truth is that I was glad the song had finished.

‘The Last Traveler’ contains four tracks and has a duration of 22:39 minutes. It can be obtained through the band’s Bandcamp website, but I am not recommending this album. Although the album is well-produced and polished, it is a boring, monotonous, and pretentious.

Review by Philosopher King
Track Listing

1. The Last Traveler
2. The Misanthrope
3. The Avenger
4. The Final Chapter


Kristian Larsen Moen – All instruments and lyrics
Arcan – Vocals
Craig Furunes - Vocals

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