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The End of Electricity
January 2017
Released: 2016, Magnetic Eye Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Domkraft, in their debut full-length album, give us some chugging Swedish doom with dashes of stoner scattered throughout, and while it's good, is it anything we haven't heard before?

The most immediate comparison that comes to mind is Electric Wizard, though it's not as intensely stoned as something like Dopethrone, mixing in some more traditional doom sound. The vocals are less at the forefront and more like another instrument. The focus is very much on the riffing as it tries to suck you into the landscapes the music is crafting. The measure of how well this sort of style does is always in how successfully it pulls you in, how completely immersive the riffing is. In this case it's serviceable, but at it's best when that stoner side is allowed to take over.

"Drones" is a fine, if brief, example of this. It's only a couple of minutes long, an interlude really, but it's a wonderful couple of minutes and immediately stands out from the rest of the album. It's the most effective thing on here, and I really wish they'd built on it and made it into a full song proper. "All Come Hither" is another one in the same vein, with an opening section that would sound right at home on an Orange Goblin album, really bringing out the psychedelic stoner side of the music. This is what I'd like to see Domkraft focus on. The more straight-up doom songs are decent, but we've heard it all before, and the longer tracks like "The Rift" and "Meltdown of the Orb" struggle to justify their lengths. "Dustrider" offers a bit of variety in the form of a more aggressive, short track, but never quite bolts loose, feeling restrained.

For the most part, "The End of Electricity" is solid if unremarkable doom metal. It's enjoyable enough, with a decent mix and certainly competent for a debut if you're looking for something with texture over catchiness, but I'm hoping they'll turn their attentions more to that psychedelic side going forward.
Track Listing

1. The Rift
2. Meltdown of the Orb
3. Drones
4. Red Lead
5. All Come Hither
6. Dustrider
7. We Will Follow


Martin Wegeland - Bass, vocals
Anders Dahlgren - Drums
Martin Widholm - Guitars

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