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The Reprobate
January 2017
Released: 2017, Century Media
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

You want classic Swedish Death Metal brought to you by the very masters of the genre? Firespawn has got you covered in spades. Currently signed to Metal label powerhouse, Century Media, Firespawn’s second release, “The Redprobate”, is an excellent example of what makes Extreme Scandinavian Metal great and still relevant after all these years.

With a line up consisting of current and ex-members of Entombed, Dark Funeral, Necrophobic and Unleased, Firespawn is made up of a “Who’s who” of Swedish Death Metal.

With none other than L.G. Petrov behind the mic, fans with even a small interest in Death Metal know that this album is worth a listen. Firespawn does a great job playing sludgy to rocking out the blast beats and Petrov is on top of his game providing vocals that are more in line with the “Wolverine Blues” era of Entombed rather than anything he has done lately.

This album is stuffed full of some fucking heavy and groovy stuff. It gets a little technical in spots as well. There is no shortage of talent you will hear as you ears are assaulted by such awesome tracks as, “Damnatio Ad Bestias, “Blood Eagle” and “Generals Creed.”

While Firestorm does a great job of playing some classic Death Metal that gets the head banging, the fist pumping and the beer flowing, they don’t necessarily add anything new. But honestly, is that a bad thing?

If you are looking for some new metal with some great hooks and riffs, brutal L.G Petrov vocals and a soundtrack to your next battle in the pit, check out “Redprobate.”

Review by Andrew Risch
Track Listing

01. Serpent Of The Ocean

02. Blood Eagle

03. Full Of Hate

04. Damnatio Ad Bestias

05. Death By Impalement

06. Generals Creed

07. The Whitechapel Murderer

08. A Patient Wolf

09. The Reprobate

10. Nightwalkers


LG Petrov - Vocals, Entombed A.D., ex-Morbid, ex-Nihilist
Alex Impaler - Bass, Necrophobic, Naglfar (live)
Victor Brandt - Guitar, Entombed A.D., ex. satyricon
Fredrik Folkare - Guitar, Unleashed, Necrophobic, ex-Siebenbürgen
Matte Modin - Drums, Raised Fist, ex-Dark Funeral, ex-Defleshed, ex-Infernal

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