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Orgasmageddon (Book Review)
January 2017
Released: 2017, Dynamite
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

There have only been a couple of occasions that we have reviewed comics in the Library Of Loudness, and this is one of them. Dynamite comics on the heels of their publication of a new line of Kiss comics has also launched a comic based on the most awesome band in the universe…GWAR! Saying GWAR deserves a comic is like saying the sky is blue. I’m just surprised it has taken this long! Let’s check out #1 with the most excellent title of ORGASMAGEDDON!

It is standard comic, in terms of size, nice paper and so on and is a bit short at 32 pages. There is some fan art, the usual ads, a gallery of the alternate covers and a short story based on the short-lived GWAR side-project X-COPS. The main story is classic GWAR. Bad jokes, ultra-violence, bright, bold and beautiful (well, ugly actually). Essentially when doing battle with Mr. Perfect, GWAR gets stuck in a malfunctioning time machine and ends up in various different time-zones and always end up on some sort of massive inter-dimensional killing spree, altering or affecting modern day events as we (the readers) know them. I had always suspected that GWAR were behind the mysterious death of Kurt Cobain and impacted the outcome of the Civil War. The violence is graphic and cartoon like, just like the band. If you are looking for deep storytelling, intricate plotlines and cutting edge art, look elsewhere. This is visceral fun by fans, for the fans.

For you die-hard collectors and members of the Slave Pit, there are about eight different collectible covers, I happened to choose cover #4 with an actual photograph of the band. As I alluded to this is a natural cross-over for GWAR and I think this will become a cool little collectible.
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