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Upadłe Królestwo (The Fallen Kingdom)
January 2017
Released: 2017, Defense Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Iscariota is a Polish band that has been going since 1990. I have to confess to not having heard them before, and given that this is the fourth studio album released that meant a certain amount of back album listening too. They describe this album as "a high quality mix of heavy and thrash metal with powerful, suggestive male vocals." Suggestive sounds a little bit 'Carry On' film for my liking, but maybe that's just been lost in translation.

This album is incredibly well played and produced, there's no doubt about that. If this was a hairdo it would be described as 'coiffured'. The album kicks off with some really enjoyable atmospheric synths and then bursts into thrashy, gutteral double-peddaling and driving riff. The first minute is brilliant, actually. After that things start to go a little downhill for me. At all times the playing is tight, technical and well mastered, there's no complaint there, it just feels like they are trying to be a crowd-pleaser. The emotions sound forced and a bit mawkish, particularly on tracks like 'Judasz'.

I don't want to be too down on this album as there are some really good moments. 'Bastion' is thoroughly likable with very cool solos making up the lion's share of the track. I'm in the slightly odd position of having now listened to their work in reverse order, and I have to say I much prefer their death metal roots - I prefer their early work even though I wasn't previously aware of it.

If you like your metal on the lighter, more power-ballady side then this is an album for you, just stylistically it's not my cup of tea.
Track Listing

01. Fora Ze Dwora!
02. Judasz (Iscariota)
03. Sny O Potędze
04. Koleżanka Szklanka
05. Płonę
06. Bastion
07. Martwi Bogowie Miasta
08. Upadłe Królestwo


Piotr Piecak - Vocals
Dominik Durlik - Guitars
Justyna Szatny - Keyboards
Piotr Zapart - Bass
Tomasz Dudziński -Drum

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