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Consumed In Flames
January 2017
Released: 2017, Katoptron IX Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Black metal has remained remarkably steadfast over the course of the last thirty years, especially with the advent of the internet and broadening of musical horizons. There may be variations that have developed over the last three decades, but there's a fundamental core that's ever-present: vicious guitars, blasting drums, the most unclean of vocals and stacks of atmosphere. With that, the Greeks in PROMETHEUS keep the flame alive.

Delightfully, the production is top-notch. There's a bizarre obsession with creating black metal that sounds like an elongated belch being fed through a part-way destroyed microphone into a broken tape reel - why? Near-inaudible music doesn't make sense when you've taken the time to craft the song, does it? It's a hurdle that many of these bands often fall at – a scummy production will be the first thing to put people off of listening to an album, regardless of song quality. But PROMETHEUS eschew this for a crisp, balanced production, and the album is all the better for it.

Aggelos vocals are among the finest out there on evidence here, with more than a little bit of it echoing Nergal of BEHEMOTH. Beneath his gritty bellows, is everything you'd expect from black metal – from the frenetic blasts in “Hand Of War”, the grinding melodicism of “Prometheus Rising” and the atmospheric quasi-world interlude of “Seth”. It's a black metaller's essential guide in eight songs. That being said, there is a distinct feeling of “seen it, heard it” before.

Writing new, innovative music is never an easy task, and with access to the world's music nowadays, there is a decreasing chance of happening upon something new. PROMETHEUS may not be doing anything new by any stretch of the means, but at the very least "Consumed In Flames" demonstrates they've a knack for writing strong black metal. There are moments when passages pass by absentmindedly, but for the most part it is a fiery album of blackened extreme metal.

Prometheus once stole the fire for humanity, and Greece's own PROMETHEUS certainly maintain the subsequent inferno. “Consumed In Flames” is the sort of debut any band would want to begin life in music with: solid songwriting and an overall strong sound. It's a foot in the door and gives plenty of scope for weaving in uniquities later down the line. It's nothing new, but if you're into the darkest of metal then prepare to be consumed.

Review by: Lee Carter
Track Listing

1. The Disgusting Tongues
2. Hand Of War
3. Seth
4. Vulture All Black
5. Prometheus Rising
6. Hatesworn
7. Consumed In Flames
8. Hand Of War (Instrumental)


Aggelos – Vocals,
Esophis – Guitar & Bass,
Nodens – Drums.

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