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Burials / Exhausted Prayer
Split EP
January 2017
Released: Oct , Own
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Two American Death Metal bands have teamed up to record and release a split album. I am old school dude brought up on the

classic bands such as Cerebral Fix, My Dying Bride and Entombed so this really interests me. Both bands have toured the US

together and become good buddies. This is what metal and underground should be all about. Pulling together to help each

other. Especially if it helps with costs. It is a win/win.

Burials first. These are based in Portland Oregan. They describe themselves as Progressive Metal and even cite 70s prog band YES

as an influence. I supposed it is because underneath all the heaviness and death metalness, there is a Cynic guitar sound mixed with

the pounding drums. After listening to many albums, at last I hear a band with lots of speed, quick riffing and a few blast beats. I also

hear some '86 - '88 era Megadeth influences, albeit speeded up. The production is early 90s sounded but perfectly updated to modern

standards. Being dirty and muddy but also being loud and polished at the same time. Very impressive.

Exhausted Prayer have a lot to live up to after those first four tracks. They are from Los Angeles, normally a place for bleach blonde

rockers in shades.They have a strange sense of humour as I doubt they are influenced by Michael Macdonald, more likely,

Enslaved. They also have a slight progressive edge but are more black metal than death metal. Some songs have long

gap between the vocals allowing the musicians to show of their musical chops. This is actually the most interesting parts of the

music. Equally impressed by these.

I have said this before but, these are two more bands that can easily compete with the bigger names in the black and death

scene. Top notch stuff that any fan of Enslaved, early Opeth and Nile will love.
Track Listing

1) Ten Peaks
2) Deep Glow
3) Laccolith
4) Gulfross
5) Garden (Forest Hallucination)
6) Sewer (Shitgazer)
7) Infinite Shadow
8) A Grim Homecoming


Benjamin Caragol - Guitars/Vocals
Adam Wheeler - Bass/Vocals
Isaac Davis - Drums
Fester - Guitars

Chris McCarthy- guitar/vocals
Mike Caffell- drums/vocals
Richard Vulich- bass
Swansong- guitar/vocals

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