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Adrenaline Mob
We The People
July 2017
Released: 2017, Century Media
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Manos X

Adrenaline is a super group created back in 2011 featuring Russell Allen (Symphony X) on vocals, Rich Ward (Stuck Mojo, Fozzy) and Mike Orlando on guitars, Mike Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater, Winery Dogs, Transatlantic and about 15 more!) on drums and with that lineup on the same year they released a 5 song EP followed by a debut album “Omerta” in 2012. Unfortunately despite the impressive gathering of talent my expectations for something powerful and unique were left unanswered and soon lost interest in them.

After Omerta Mike Portnoy and Rich Ward quit the band Adrenaline recruited the amazing (but unfortunately now late) A.J. Pero (Twisted Sister, Blaze Bayley, ex-TT Quick, Dee Snider) but I guess even the first band could fill a fucking library not a simple CV) leaving Mike Orlando to handle all guitars. However, I have to be blunt here one of the main reasons I disliked “Omerta” in the 1st place was Orlando’s obsession for ultra fast shredding that felt short and annoying at best, that is to my ears at least. However Adrenaline Mob were determined to not let go and in 2017 not only they’re back with their 3rd offering titled “We the People” but according to Russell Allen they’re going to be his main musical vehicle at least till the next Symphony X album an announcement of that kind actually carries a lot of weight ‘cause let’s face Symphony X isn’t just another prog/neoclassical band but a band capable of delivering music of the highest quality.

So what does “We the People” has to offer? The first thing that hit me was the powerful and crystal clear production especially in the rhythm section and was actually pushing guitar’s sound a little bit in the background. I found that to be very fitting maybe ‘cause I still ain’t a fan of Orlando’s tone. The mix of course puts Allen’s vocals in the center (and it should) since this guy possesses the best set of pipes of the last 20 years. The result is a very modern sound complimenting the Mob’s sound that balances between metal, hard rock with just of modern rock vibe.

“We the People” is an album that carries little surprises in its hat. Adrenaline Mob is a band still searching for their identity creating songs that could easily be found in different albums. They aim of being approachable to a large audience from other rock related genres but at the same time they don’t wanna forget about their past and the steps that brought them to where they are today as individuals. Instead of bitching about the negatives of the album I’d rather focus on the tunes that got my attention. “Bleeding hands” is the first song I really liked, a cross between a power ballad combined with a slightly aggressive but still melodic touch. “Lords of Thunder” is another song that stood out mostly because of Allen’s always powerful and spot on singing. Indeed Russell Allen’s vocals is once again the album’s highlight. Melodic, expressive and with the ability to sound heavy as fuck not to mention that he could easily be considered as the next Ronnie James Dio regarding vocal power. However to his benefit Allen is trying his best to sound like himself and not some kind of wannabe cover singer, has he succeeded in that? Without a doubt yes!

Yet the true hit of the album can’t be anything else than “Chasing Dragons” which actually follows on the steps of the “Bleeding Hands” only things tend to get faster and heavier and the chorus just take the song to a whole new level. If there’s a direction Adrenaline Mob should move then this is it. Musicianship is of the highest level as expected, great drumming and kick ass bass from newcomers Jordan Cannata and Erik Leonhardt. And to much surprise a very controlled/matured but at the same time impressive performance from Mike Orlando (ok he flashes his annoying ultra fast picking from time to time but that I knew this was coming anyway!).

Adreanline Mob are certainly moving to the right direction with “We the People” and I am sure that next album will make lots of head to spin. However their new offering is far from perfect with lots of forgettable moments and just not enough catchy ones. People must understand that despite the band’s member rich musical history as a whole Adrenaline is still a new band in the beginning of their musical journey.

Only time will tell where their next step will take ‘em but for now……
Track Listing

1. King of the Ring
2. We the People
3. The Killer's Inside
4. Bleeding Hands
5. Chasing Dragons
6. Til the Head Explodes
7. What You're Made Of
8. Raise 'Em Up
9. Ignorance & Greed
10. Blind Leading the Blind
11. Violent State of Mind
12. Lords of Thunder
13. Rebel Yell


Mike Orlando Guitars
Russell Allen Vocals
Erik Leonhardt Bass
Jordan Cannata Drums



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