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The Ashes Of The Tryant
July 2017
Released: 2017, N/A
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Thinking of black metal conjures images of vast, barren wastelands; mountainous regions topped with pure white snow and a howling wind that chills down to the bone. What other genre can boast such a vivid landscape from the mere mention of it? There’s very few, it has to be said. So what better location for proponents of the icy genre than the UK’s most northern region: Scotland? Enter, DREKAVAC.

Hailing from Aberdeen, these Scots pedal the quintessential style of black metal that we fans of the genre know and love: a heady mixture of relentless, hate-filled blasts and wickedly cold atmosphere. Their debut release “Incipit Demonas Pandorum” served as a solid statement of intent; a wicked, raging slice of the most extreme metal that more than whet the appetite for further unholy sermons. Thus, we have this passing offering, the bleakly-titled “The Ashes Of The Tyrant”. It may be passing, but it certainly doesn’t pass you by.

A summoning intro track, appropriately-titled as “The Ritual”, gives way to the obsidian “The Genesis Of Darkness”: a burning inferno of misanthropy that makes heavy use of the hallmarks of the genre. Tremolo riffs grind, drums blast away at frenetic speeds and the rasping vocals of Hyperion provide a centre-point for the maelstrom… It’s the usual fare and it sounds every bit as good as one could hope. There’s something quite earnest about DREKAVAC’s approach. Oftentimes, many bands sound like they are moving through the motions with black metal, these Scots sound like the mean every furious note.

“The Hierophant” sounds like the malevolent bastard child that the band always intended on unleashing upon an innocent world (ha!), carving a dark crevice into the brain, whilst the doom-inflected closer of “Dead Moon” sounds absolutely cataclysmic in stature. Mixing it up with some seriously demonic grooves, it provides a welcome respite to the heads-down-blast trope. Unusually, “The Ashes Of The Tyrant” presents a rather easy listen – where production is normally akin to a raspberry being blown into a broken microphone, DREKAVAC opt for something a little cleaner. It’s not quite the polished affair of modern metal, retaining a certain crusty edge that adds an air of authenticity about the show, but there’s a clarity which enables extensive listening without exhaustion.

DREKAVAC know what they’re about and perpetuate it with admiral intensity and verve. After three years away from their debut, this EP serves as both a reminder to their prowess and ominous warning for the future: bigger things are to come. It’s by no means an innovative take on the genre (on more than one occasion it is a case of “heard one, heard them all”), but the sincerity with which these Scots go about their trade transcends that somewhat. It’s that which makes “The Ashes Of The Tyrant” a solid listen, and one which serves the band as a solid platform for the future.

Review by: Lee Carter
Track Listing

1.The Ritual
2.The Genesis Of Darkness
3.The Hierophant
5.Dead Moon


Hyperion - Vocals,
Evangelios Bearer of the Dark Word - Guitar,
Cross - Guitar
Caorthannach - Bass,
Mephistopheles - Drums.

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