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Heavy Temple
July 2017
Released: 2017, Ván Records / Soulfood
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

More and more bands are emerging from the sea of the doom and stoner scene as we have a renaissance in this style of the music. Heavy Temple is a band like this and these ladies from Philadelphia have made an excellent job.

Just the first look at the album says a lot about the whole effort. It gives you a feeling about how the album will sound or what it is about. It really does with all the small pieces in the artwork, although the purple-orange background reminds me of the new Facebook backgrounds.

The most important thing about the songs are the vocals of High Priestess Nighthawk. It is just brilliant and next to the effects her voice made the album more atmospheric. Do not get me wrong - I really enjoyed the whole album, but you can hear many bands with this kind of Hendrix-influenced guitars with lots of fuzz sound. (Which I like but sometimes you can't really deicide whether you've heard a mixtape of the genre or an album of just one band.) But the vocals here are outstanding. It immediatelly lets the listeners know that this is Heavy Temple.

The other instrument on this record thats amazing are the drums. SireTempestas' drumming perfectly goes with Arch Bishop Barghest's guitars. It's not the (sometimes) boring drumming you can here in some stoner/doom albums but never too much. And it definitely makes you bang your head.

The production is really good too - it makes the music more psychedelic; some might want to have a massive spliff during this 4 songs... :-)

I really enjoyed listening to this album and it will definitely stay in my player. Heavy Temple is heavy for sure and has something to offer to the fans of the genre. I really hope that they will have a European tour in the near future, at least as a support of a bigger name.
Track Listing

1. Key And Bone
2. Ursa Machina
3. Pink Glass
4. In The Court Of The Bastard King


High Priestess Nighthawk - 5 string and vocal power
Arch Bishop Barghest - 6 string axeslinger
SireTempestas - skin walker

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