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Upon My Cremation Pyre
July 2017
Released: May , Iron Bonehead Productions
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

So here's an amusing tale. I had already finished doing this review when I received a response from Jordablod as to who was actually in the band as I could not for the life of me find an answer anywhere, and the response I received actually made me listen to the whole album again and view it from a far different perspective than I already had. I'm not saying that I'd given the album a poor review or any such thing, I just went back and listened again with a far different attitude than the one I had approached the album with from the onset.

So what was the response you ask? well, basically put when asked who was in the band the answer I received was thus "There is a reason for us not having public identities, and that is because it doesn't matter who is in the band. Jordablod is the first important band any of us has been a part of so there is no reason to know. Not trying to be disrespectful, but we don't comment on band members identities". Nothing unusual in a Black/Death Metal band having a bit of mystery about them I hear you cry, but the honesty of the answer speaks volumes about the band and the album itself.

What you are getting here is, for the most, Black Metal. The Death tag got thrown in as well on their bio, but it is pretty much not there in any standard that you would expect, and that makes very little difference to the album as a whole anyway. This is, like the bands answer to my question,very honest and unassuming music with no airs and graces, just Metal done by a bunch of people who are so proud of their endeavours that they want you to focus on nothing else but the sounds that they have created.

Ethereal and bleak, like a frozen wasteland filled with the mournful wailing of some lost soul pretty much sums this up. Nothing to change the order of the universe or make you question the essence of life itself, just good solid Black Metal done with passion and a tip of the hat to the ways of old. All instruments in tune with the darkness in their hearts, fronted by the spectral vocals of a long lost king drifting from his burial mound to chill the souls of mortal men. The more you listen the more the haunting apparition comes into view, until at long last, when the ringing of the final note "Upon My Cremation Pyre" leaves your ears, he fades away back into the darkness.

Chilling, and as stated, honest stuff. Looking forward to more whoever you are.
Track Listing

1. En route to the Unknown
2. Liberator of Eden
3. Chants for the Black One
4. Hin Hale
5. A Sculptor of the Future
6. Of Fiery Passion
7. Upon My Cremation Pyre



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