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Circle of Time
July 2017
Released: 2016, Fighter Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Coffeinne, here with their first release, bring a healthy helping of pretty solid power metal, though in a form still noticeably nascent and in the process of being properly defined.

In style we've got something power metal, pretty pure and European in style, but with a lot taken from the more melodic side of power-thrash like Dark Empire or Perzonal War. It's usually not quite as aggressive as those bands, but can be from time to time, and certainly makes use of the same style of chugging riffs. The bits and pieces of heaviness are used to accentuate the rest rather than as a strict light-dark contrast.

A lot of the individual aspects on show here are perfectly solid: it has Timeless Miracle's mastery of using melodies to drive the music forward. The production is top-notch, with properly audible bass giving it a thick, chunky sound, and nothing overpowering anything else. If nothing else, this is a great sounding album in regards to production values. The vocals are also excellent at what they do, putting me in mind of Vision Divine: powerful, passionate and with just enough punch.

The one area the band shows its young status is in the simplicity of the songs. It very rarely goes for breakneck speed. It's still enjoyable, but most of the songs set out what they do early on and very rarely shift from that, instead plodding along in the same manner throughout. There's nothing really wrong with that, but it does feel like the band could accomplish a bit more with some more changing of gears, or simply variety within the album, to achieve something more like Kamelot and other such seasoned bands do. "Circle of Time", for example, is a perfectly good song, but it just doesn't have enough in it to justify its seven minute length. They also almost all rely very heavily on the catchiness of those vocals, and your enjoyment will depend significantly on how you feel about that.

Still, it shows some decent promise, and might be worth checking out for those who enjoy power metal of a somewhat more sedate pace and with vocal-driven melodies at the fore. But let's see where they go from here.
Track Listing

1. Fragile
2. Fallen Angel
3. Take This Life
4. Isolated
5. Life in a Showcase
6. Save Me
7. Broken
8. No Escape
9. The Hate Within
10. Circle of Time
11. Life in a Showcase (Orchestral)


Alberto Muñoz - Bass
Luis Rodríguez - Drums
Sergio Salcedo - Guitars
David Villarreal - Guitars
Iñaki Lazcano - Vocals

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