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When The Sun Sets In The East
July 2017
Released: 2017, TH Records
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

French band TreyHarsh are a hardworking crew. That much is true. They have toured extensively, opening for such acts as Supuration, and The Ocean. "When The Sun Sets In The East", their second album, is crushingly heavy - that is indisputable. The trouble is that it also rather dull.

The album opens with "The Family Tree" whcih is heavier than a Wookiee's dinner and just as foul. It is basic and obnoxious. It sets the tone for the whole album. "Death At The Door" is up next - an ugly portrait drawn from the same malicious template. Proceedings are furthured with "Brothers And Haters" which only offers more of the same.

The groove laden "With Steel We'll Leave" offers a little variance with its occasional ominous air, but it is overall a bit directionless. The title is next, and is treacle thick and somewhat nauseating but offers nothing new to an increasingly monochrome palette. By the time "The Taste Ov Childhood" rumbles in it is clear that the band only know how to write one type of song.

The song "Farewell" made me wish that I was bidding farewell, as did the yawn inducing miasma of "Father's Bloodbatch". "Deer Woods" is more promising, with a more diabolical feel - finally something to get the pulse racing. It was, however, an anomaly, as proven by the torpid, turgid and tedious "Son Ov Sorrow". Album closer "All Those Fool Gods" starts of atonal and menacing, but fails to sustain its promise and just lurches back into the same boring pattern.

"When The Sun Sets In The East" is a very heavy album. The guitar tone is weighty and brutal. The problem with the album is that it is too midpaced - I found myself craving a bit of velocity just to add some extra texture. The lack of variety means that it fails to hold the attention of the listener for too long. Report card reads must do better.

Review By Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1. The Family Tree
2. Death At The Door
3. Brothers And Haters
4. With Steel We'll Leave
5. When The Sun Sets In The East
6. The Taste Ov Childhood
7. Farewell
8. Father's Bloodbath
9. Deer Woods
10. Son Ov Sorrow
11. All Those Fool Gods


Leader - Vocals
Julien - Guitars
Seb - Bass
Oliv - Drums

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