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Unleash The Archers
July 2017
Released: 2017, Napalm
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

I am not real sure where to roll with this one. The Canadian power metal band Unleash the Archers are back with their 4th album APEX. From what I have looked into, after 10 years in the metal scene, APEX is an album that is the top of their game.

This is my first meeting with Unleash the Archers. A meeting that is about to make me go back and check out a bit of their past. This is a superb offering that out does most of the big name acts in their genre. It was not too long ago that we were flooded with “female fronted” metal bands. The problem with that was the ones that were being pushed by the labels were bands like Within Temptation, Epica, Nightwish, ect. And even though such other female fronted metal acts were being embraced by the metal world, eg: Arch Enemy, Sister Sin, Nightmare, The Agonist, they were not publicized as much.

Here we have a female fronted metal band. One that I can say ranks up there with the latter of the last paragraph. Now I do have music by WT, Nightwish and Epica, and they are a good listen from time to time, but I do enjoy rocking out a bit more. Something that Unleash the Archers allows me to do. Vocalist Brittney Slayes has an extremely powerful set of pipes on her with a range that covers all the needs of a heavy metal band. Sonically, APEX is as close to a perfect power metal album as there is. I could probably talk about this album all day, but I won’t. If ever there is an album I suggest to you, make it APEX by Unleash the Archers.

Amazing, magnificent, awe-inspiring, and just f##king great!!! Fans of Helloween, Brimstone, Nightmare, Sister Sin, 3 Inches Of Blood and all things metal will embrace APEX.
Track Listing

1. Awakening
2. Shadow Guide
3. The Matriarch
4. Cleanse the Bloodlines
5. The Coward's Way
6. False Walls
7. Ten Thousand Against One
8. Earth and Ashes
9. Call Me Immortal
10. Apex


Brittney Slayes - Vocals
Grant Truesdell - Guitar
Andrew Kingsley - Guitar
Nikko Whitworth – Bass
Scott Buchanan - Drums



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