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Deep Throat Trauma
Go Deep Or Go Home
July 2017
Released: 2017, Self Released
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Essex absurdists Deep Throat Trauma bring to bear their unique brand of Metal carnage, Genital Metal as they call it. It's wacky, puerile, and great fun!! Their debut EP "Go Deep Or Go Home" promises to fuck your mind, rape your soul, and leave you gagging for more.

The EP begins with "Pulled Into Flesh" which immediately astounds with its devastating guitar tone and Anselmo-on-sixty-a-day style bellowing. It churns and grinds like a violent maelstrom, full of piss and vinegar, it repulses and delights in equal measure. Next up is "Rock n Gore" (another term the band use to describe their sound). It is possessed of an unhinged groove; its Hardcore tinged Death Metal flays to the bone."Meatsack Magic" has a menacing belt-sander-to-the-dangly-bits aesthetic about it, its pacing a juxstaposition of warp speed and something more syncopated. The EP ensues with the brain-meltingly confusing puke pile that is "Anal Thunder Butt Chunder". I can only assume they'd been at the wacky baccy when they conceived it.

"Ocliterated" is an unyielding cruncher; frenzied and nasty as hell, it perfectly encapsulates the band's crazed ethos. The EP closes out with "Crack Open A Cold One", a dizzying face melter. It veers from the finest pedigree of Death Metal, to the dirtiest, most street level Hardcore the likes of The Cro-Mags et al would be proud of.

Although "Go Deep Or Go Home" is viciously violent, all the while there is a pervading sense that that the band are tightly wound and in full control of the frenzy. Never in a state of chaos (with the notable exception of "Anal Thunder Butt Chunder"). It can also be summed up by saying that it has a very quirky and perverse sense of humour running all the way through it, and a thread of psychosis woven into its fabric.

A gloriously warped delight.

Review By Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1. Pulled Into Flesh
2. Rock n Gore
3. Meatsack Magic
4. Anal Thunder Butt Chunder
5. Ocliterated
6. Crack Open A Cold One


Lordurr - Vocals
"Hyper Death" Princess Ree - Guitars
Professor Daniel Gleeball - Bass
Chronis Blasturbator - Drums



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