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A Kingdom To Disappear
March 2017
Released: 2017, AFM Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Upon my first listen, I was trying to figure exactly what musical direction A KINGDOM TO DISAPPEAR was going. This album is my first go around with Pyogenesis, I must admit, it did not overly impress nor disappoint my ears. It was just there.

After a little bit of background research on the band, it is now all but clear to me where there sound comes from. These guys go back to the early ‘90’s where they started out as a death metal band. It seems to have been a soul search through the years dabbling in a gothic doom style for a piece. From there they headed into more of an alternative rock sound even delving in some punk.

Play it forward to the present day, Pyogenesis’ latest release is a cohesive blend of all the aforementioned genres. Well, subtract the punk, and you’ve got A KINGDOM TO DISAPPEAR. This is a strong effort that is constructed well.

The album starts out with a somber intro track and dives right into a death metal beginning with the track, “Every Man for Himself, And God Against All.” It does not remain a death metal offering for very long as the track, like many on the disc, push their way into more of an alternative/hard rocking style. Please do not fret when I mention the term ‘alternative’. In our world of classifications, it will make sense once you give this a listen.

The album rolls seamlessly from track to track. It is generally a good hard rocking to metal offering with plenty of catchy courses. Although the band does seem to be a very talented bunch of lads, there really isn’t anything out of this world amazing about the songs musically. That is not a bad thing mind you. The gruffy yet clean vocal style is a perfect blend to the music.

I would have to say this is all in all, a good album. Some standout tracks are “Every Man for Himself, And God Against All, I Have Seen My Soul, It’s Too Late (A Kingdom To Disappear)”, and the epic, power ballad closer that weighs in at 13:14, “Everlasting Pain.” “Everlasting Pain” is one that you will definitely want to listen to over and over.
Track Listing

1. Sleep Is Good (Intro)
2. Everyman for Himself, And God Against All
3. I Have Seen My Soul
4. It’s Too Late (A Kingdom To Disappear)
5. New Helvetia
6. That’s When Everybody Gets Hurt
7. We (1848)
8. Blaze, My Northern Flame
9. Everlasting Pain


Flo Schwarz – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Malte Brauer – bass
Jan Rathje – drums
Gizz Butt – guitars

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