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Welcome to The End
March 2017
Released: 2017, Massacre
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

Wow! Now this is heavy metal! Labeled as German Power-Metal, I guess I can agree a little. Genre defining is very difficult these days and has been for some time. But Stormhammer are definitely a powerful heavy metal outfit.

Stormhammer dates back to 1993 when they went under the moniker of Lizard. So glad they changed that. The year 2000 saw the first release as Stormhammer and they have been on a non-stop roller coaster ride ever since. With several international releases over the years with labels that include Century Media and touring with the likes of Blind Guardian and Grave Digger just to name a couple, Stormhammer have been impressing the masses with their style of heavy metal for many years now.

WELCOME TO THE END starts off with the sound of swords clamoring. Horses and distant battle cries of men that made me think at first listen that I was surely going to hear, ‘Bring out your dead!’ I was wrong. What came next was a kick to the face style of metal with the track, “Northman.” What comes to follow is much of the same, highly energized heavy metal. There is no shortage of dueling guitar riffs and pounding double-bass drums. Each track lyrically is written with the intention for the listener to sing along to them all the while banging his or her head in fury. Or was that just me in traffic?

With a sound that is very reminiscent of those glory days of ‘80’s power metal, Stormhammer to me, have a sound all their own. The tracks produce heavy galloping rhythms with a nice light mixture of melody. Just a little though. You can unquestionably hear the influences throughout this release. I can hear influences that surely have to include the likes of Iron Maiden, Running Wild, Accept, and Blind Guardian. These are only a few of the more prevalent bands I catch right away. Each listener will be able to pick out several more.

It is bands like Stormhammer that make me proud to be an avid metal enthusiast. Do yourself a favor and check this one out. If you are reading this, you are a metal fan, and Stromhammer are a metal band worthy of all.
Track Listing

1. The Beginning Of The End
2. Northman
3. Welcome To The End
4. The Heritage
5. Secret
6. The Law
7. Watchmen
8. Road To Heaven
9. My Dark Side
10. Into The Night
11. Spirit Of The Night
12. Soul Temptation
13. The Awakening
14. Black Dragon


Jurgen Dachl – Vocals
Horst Teßmann – Bass
Manni Ewender – Guitar
Bernd Intveen – Guitar
Chris Widmann – Drums

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