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False Coda
Secrets And Sins
March 2017
Released: 2016, Steel Gallery
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Manos X

False Coda is a young band hailing from Greece. Created by the two Millios brothers Bill and Andreas False Coda started their journey back in 2009. After many line up changes their 1st album CLOSER TO THE EDGE was released in 2014 from STEEL GALLERY. At the end of the same year False Coda supported Evergrey and also introduced their new singer Stefanos Zafeiropoulos.

Just before the end of 2016 their 2nd album was released titled SECRETS AND SINS. And what an album this is!

Let’s start from the basics. Even from the 1st glimpse of the gorgeous artwork it’s more than obvious (unless you’re blind of course) this band dwells on progressive realm. Influences ranging from pioneers like Dream Theater and Symphony X to more neo prog bands like Pain Of Salvation, Leprous and Haken but without forgetting that metal is the basis so traces of thrash/doom are also apparent in their songwriting. Just check out "Monolith" , bursting with an epic/doom feeling also featuring an insane guest guitar lead performance by virtuoso Jeff Loomis (ex-Nevermore, Arch Enemy, ex-Sanctuary).

There are plenty of wow moments when it comes to musicianship here. Songs like "Secrets And Sins", "Flickering Lights", "Moment" and "Throne Of Blood" are just a few. All members give a pristine performance. Haunting and atmospheric keyboards, superb and complex drumming, solid and proggy bass lines and excellent guitars that dwell seamlessly between genres like rock/hard rock/metal/thrash/progressive. I left the vocals for last. Stefanos Zafeiropoulos’s voice bursts with character and texture. From heavy singing to growls to soft/mellow parts he excels in each department. The colour of his tone cannot be easily described but I could say that he mixes the best moments from James Hetfield (Metallica) to Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation) but still this kind of description is a limiting one, truly a perfect fitting for these guys music.

Each member is a solid musician capable of turning lots of heads (could easily be considered as a strong point in any band) but it’s more than obvious that False Coda’s aim is not a pointless display of skills but instead fusing their capabilities with great songwriting skills and in return create interesting and adventurous music. What I love about SECRETS AND SINS is that each song can stand on its own and has a distinct musical identity. Production and mixing is good levels but I find the snare’s sound kinda weird, heard the album many many times and still can’t past it.

This is one piece of kick ass music. Complex but easy to listener’s ears, majestic and mellow at the same time and last but not least it’s still heavy fucking metal! I’d love to see these guys perform next to the big names that of the prog genre and it’s more than certain that False Coda could give majority of the well established band a run for their money. For people that want to invest their time into good music get out and get the physical (or digital) copy of SECRETS AND SINS you can thank me later!
Track Listing

1. Throne of Blood
2. Moral Compass
3. New Paradigm
4. Secrets and Sins
5. Flickering Lights
6. Monolith
7. Moment
8. The Truth Lies
9. California


Stefanos Zafeiropoulos Vocals
Vasilis Milios Guitar
Nikos Pogkas Bass
Lifters Kapetanios Keyboards
Andreas Milios Drums



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