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The End of Electricity
May 2017
Released: 2016, Magnetic Eye Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

The riffs on THE END OF ELECTRICITY saunter forward, saturated in reverbed fuzz like a caravan of giant nomads traversing an electric wasteland after his village has been laid to waste by invaders. His conscience heavy with despair and his blood stream jacked up on psychoactive magic berries, he perseveres into the barren abyss.

And that’s just the first track.

Domkraft is a Swedish psychedelic doom trio who intersect the droning stoner hypnotism of Sleep with the spaced out desert jams of Kylesa. At face value it sounds like a bare bones recipe, but in execution, the seven tunes on THE END OF ELECTRICITY roll forth like a grandiose processional of trance inducing hymnals. Except the god you worship here is the riff.

Most of the album is comprised of open ended, resonating doom licks paired with rhythmic percussive cadences and layered beneath distant vocal emanations. In the right headspace, tunes like “Meltdown of the Orb” and “Red Lead” sound abso-effing-lutely massive in scope, while more concise creatures like “All Come Hither” and “Dustrider” pack additional layers of melody and urgency into their abbreviated existences to get the message across. And then the distorted bass of album closer “We Will Follow” shakes the covers off your speakers without warning and proceeds to punch you square in the chest for six minutes before deciding it’s had enough.

As Domkraft’s press materials state – “Riff. Hook. Repeat until numb.” That about sums it up. Each song on THE END OF ELECTRICITY tells a story through burning six string insistence, persuading you to follow that caravan of nomads willingly into the unknown. And follow you will, because with tunes this good, why would you not?
Track Listing

1. The Rift
2. Meltdown of the Orb
3. Drones
4. Red Lead
5. All Come Hither
6. Dustrider
7. We Will Follow


Martin Wegeland - Bass, Vocals
Anders Dahlgren - Drums
Martin Widholm - Guitars

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