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Beyond The Thresholds
May 2017
Released: 2017, Blackseed Productions
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Marthyrium are on Spanish Extreme Metal's leading lights. Hailing from Galicia, they are a band who make a colossal racket. Emerging on to the scene in 2006 the band have honed their sound with a few demos, EPs, and split albums, "Beyond The Thresholds" is their first full length. Prepare yourself for a migraine.

The album's "Introduction" is a simple, effective cascade of keyboards, and bleeds into "Thresholds of Devouring Abyss", a warp speed deluge of chainsaw guitars and monstrous vocals. It is all a bit bog standard. "Leviathan" is a slight improvement, with its cavernous feel and pitiless void-of-emotion ethic.

"Abominations" boasts a slower pace at its outset and is all the better for a more atmospheric approach. However it does not last and soon lurches back into yet more speed of light histrionics. The altogether more epic "Temple Of Flesh" improves proceedings with its greater depth and superior songwriting. It is a cankerous undead beast. "Towards The Crimson Darkness" keeps the standard higher with the same dynamic approach as the previous track.

The album exits as it arrived with "Outroduction", a similar malignant keyboard dirge as the intro.

"Beyond The Thresholds" is a well performed but unspectular effort, demonstrating that Marthyrium are a band with singleminded determination and focus. They are clearly accomplished musicians, but lack much of a sense of adventure. It does not take long for the listener to tire of the battering ram approach; I certainly found myself wishing for something a bit less predictable, and was underwhelmed by the album as a whole. If the band are able to write more songs of the standard of "Temple Of Flesh" then there may be a brighter future for them. Until then they will just blend into the background of the Extreme Metal Scene. Grey Metal anyone?

Review By Owen Thompson
Track Listing

1. Introduction
2. Thresholds Of Devouring Abyss
3. Leviathan
4. Abominations
5. Temple Of Flesh
6. Towards The Crimson Darkness
7. Outroduction


Cannibal - Drums
Tharngrist - Guitar/Vocals
Balc - Bass



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