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Steamroller Assault
Dead Man's Hand
May 2017
Released: 2017, Eat Metal Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Manos X

Steamroller Assault is a band formed in Athens Greece back in 1999. First album came out in 2002 titled “Steamroller” and in 2006 “Raw & Filthy” was their 2nd strike.

After many line up changes and cutting their teeth with numerous gigs supporting bands like Riot, Enforcer, Razor, Exciter, Brocas Helm and Grim Reaper we’ve finally come to 2017 and Steamroller Assault are back with their 3rd release titled DEAD MANS HAND.

First thing that hit me was the quantum leap these guys have done on all levels. From musicianship to catchy songwriting to kick ass vocals to warm and down to earth production/mix this album is a massive step forward. Namiroth’s vocals are a dead spot on to the ones of John Bush from US giants Armored Saint but this guy doesn’t rely on just that. Incorporating plenty of bluesy and hard rock moments he gives a convincing soulful and aggressive performance at the same time.

As I mentioned before musicianship has skyrocketed in comparison to the past. Guitar work influenced not only from iconic bands like Motorhead, Exciter, Riot,a touch of early Saxon and various ‘80s speed thrash bands like early Running Wild (yes there was a time when these guys were considered as satanic speed thrash!) but also from other genres as blues and ‘70s hard rock. This is reflected on both riffing and on the plenty cool lead guitar work. Bass and drums have created a menacing wall of sound that also provides ultra strong foundation capable of supporting Steamroller’s music vision.

The result? Plenty of kick ass songs like “Dead Man’s Hand”, “Kill After kill”, “Evil is my Middle Name” or the simply insane tune “When a girl loves a woman” with Namiroth screaming Lesbo action (probably the best way of convincing your girlfriend performing something “different”)!!!! It doesn’t get any better than this. Also checkout “Skull Island” which is a wonderful and unique mix of early Running Wild fused with traces of traditional Greek folk music. DEAD MAN'S HAND is music that clearly shows the love and devotion that Steamroller Assault have poured into their music and this is truly reflected in the final outcome. You can’t but admire when a band coming from a small and troublesome country like Greece have managed creating something that could easily give other more established bands a run for their money.

For fans searching from a good Motorhead substitute or for a band who isn’t afraid of mixing blues with ‘70s and ‘80s styles yet without mellowing or watering down their sound. Get out and get yourself a CD (real fans want the real deal!), pour yourself some a glass like bourbon or whiskey raise the horns high and play this shit LOUD!!!!
Track Listing

1. Dead Man’s Hand
2. Evil Is My Middle Name
3. Kill After Kill
4. Midnight Blues
5. You Ain’t So Pretty When I’m Sober
6. When A Girl Loves A Woman
7. Suicide (Wild Machine Cover)
8. Skull Island


WITCHKILLER: Six String Caterpillar
NAMIROTH: Lungs and Patience
PIMP: Beats the Bitch
BURNER: Low Frequency Rapist



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