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Toxic Rose
Total Tranquility
May 2017
Released: 2016, City Of Light
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Manos X

A couple of weeks ago I went to sleaze/glam/hard rock fest that took place in my hometown. Fests of that kind are a little bit unusual here ‘cause despite the popularity of the genre the amount of fans gathered is usually small. This fest wasn’t an exception to the rule. A little less than a hundred people gathered to watch bands coming from countries like Spain, Sweden, Czech republic as well from Greece. The headliners for 2nd day was an unknown band (to me at least) called ToxicRose. Gotta say I was stunned when these dudes hit the club’s small stage.

With a very aggressive image that immediately brought Dimmu Borgir to mind as well tons of other black metal bands I was curious how these guys were going to fit in a fest like this. Well I have to say this, ToxicRose played their ass off and conquered both stage and crowd not to mention they absolutely crushed all bands playing before them. From furious showmanship that included tons of headbanging and sing along moments to human sculls and blood spitting this was one show I will remember for years to come!! I can only imagine what these guys will be able to pull off upon having a bigger budget for supporting their shows.

This Swedish band was created in 2010 and so far they’ve released an EP in 2010 titled TOXIC ROSE and a single in 2013. So TOTAL TRANQUILITY can be considered as their debut album and fuck what an album this is. Energetic and vibrant their style owes so much to the hard rock/sleaze genre (that is surprisingly well received in their home country) but ToxicRose have managed to fuse elements from power metal as well as influences from bands like Iron Maiden to Children of Bodom (especially in the heaviest and slower parts) to Alice Cooper(!!!). As a result of that weird mix ToxicRose’s music sounds familiar and instantly digestible without sounding overplayed or tiresome.

Their songwriting is straight to the point with good overall riffing, kick ass hooks and plenty of sing along moments. As musicians each member is a solid unit that avoids pointless show offs. So you get great and meaningful drumming, interesting guitar works fused with plenty of melodic solos, adequate bass lines and very good (but with still room for improvement) vocals courtesy of Andy Lipstixx.

In fact it’s Andy’s vocals that balance in a weird place between classic metal to Alice Cooper. From raspy and dirty verses to his aggressive mid range in bridges and choruses to piercing high screams Andy sounds unique while at the same time instantly familiar and recognizable. Now add to all this their super catchy choruses and you got yourself one hell of a debut album. Just check out infectious tunes like “Reckless Society”, “World of Confusion”, “We All Fall Down” or “Killing the Romance” and I’m willing to bet my sanity that your head will start headbanging without taking notice.

There a couple of things that I’d wish to be present here. A heavier production especially regarding the guitar sound would be desirable as well a more powerful mix regarding the overall volume. However these are just minor setbacks which are definitely gonna be surpassed on their next effort. If you’re looking for a band capable of giving live shows of the highest level as well as being capable of writing cool and catchy music then look no more. Check out ToxicRose’s TOTA LTEANQUILITY and get to know one of the hottest young bands out there!
Track Listing

1. World of Confusion
2. Silent End of Me
3. Killing the Romance
4. Sinner
5. We Own the Night
6. Reckless Society
7. Clarity
8. Because of You
9. We All Fall Down
10. Total Tranquility


Andy Lipstixx Vocals
Tom Wouda Guitar
Goran Imperator Bass
Michael Sweet Drums



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