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Blessed Curse
Beware the Night
May 2017
Released: 2017, M-Theory Audio
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: John Haseltine

So this is my first introduction to Blessed Curse. I had given this five song EP a couple of listens prior to doing a bit of background research on them. I was a bit surprised to see a lot of sites online label them as a thrash band. I am not going to say they are not, but I also do not want to say they are. It is a bit convoluted I know, but maybe it is just a personal opinion. Let’s just leave it at that.

Now with that being said, we can now move forward. Blessed Curse are offering up their latest 5 track EP, BEWARE THE NIGHT. From what I found, this is their sophomore release. The first full-length was released back in 2012. Blessed Curse is from Northern California. Prior to that, they have gone under the monikers of Devastator and Atrosity. I like Blessed Curse for a name much better.

The EP consists of five tracks of aggressive, old-school sounding metal. At very first listen, I thought I heard a likeness to Impaler. Within their style on this release, there are moments of thrash overtones. One reason I can’t say full on thrash, is because it does not strike me as full-fledged thrash. No biggie though. The raw aggression within the tracks does make for a good listen. I do not know the reasons for such the delay in releases. We all know how life works. What I hear with this EP is a band that has a wide range of influences. Blessed Curse also has the ability to remain a player in the scene for some time. “Call upon the One” is by far my favorite track on this one. “Nightbreed” is also a pretty good one which garners up a bit more speed.

Blessed Curse is worth checking out. It did not overly impress me, yet at the same time it does not disappoint. That is where I will be looking forward to more Blessed Curse down the road. I have rolled through this well over a dozen times with the same results. It will remain in rotation in the player just to make sure.
Track Listing

1. Faster Than Hell
2. Berserker
3. Sent to Die
4. Call Upon the One
5. Nightbreed


Tyler "T-Bone" Satterlee- Vocals/Guitar
Dan Keenan- Bass
Derek Bean- Drums



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