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Wrath Of The Reaper
October 2017
Released: 2017, High Roller
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Back in August of 2017 I reviewed the Hexx, UNDER THE SPELL 30th anniversary box-set in anticipation of the new reunion studio album. The new album WRATH OF THE REAPER has arrived!

Every year I am delighted and amazed when these bands that I used to (and still do) love 20, 25, even 30 years ago suddenly reform and put out killer music. There have been a few over the past few years: Warrant (Ger.), Malice, Grim Reaper, Angel Witch, and Poltergeist to mention a few and Hexx is one of the latest. It has been a quarter of a century since MORBID REALITY came out. I’m please to say they band have dropped their ill-fasted flirting that a more modern, thrash sound and dropped back into their classic, true Metal/speed Metal roots of the first two albums from the 80’s.

Only a couple of guys, the drummer and guitarist remain from the last album and indeed only guitarist Dan from the original incarnation back in 1983 or so. The band have released their 4th album on High Roller Records which is a perfect fit because HR specializes in this classic older stuff. All the key fundamentals are in place, a cool album cover, featuring a scythe-wielding Grim Reaper no less, and a well produced 11 track albums that run for under an hour.

New singer, Eddy Vega does a fine job, his rough and raw voice fitting the band very well. I love those screams at the end of the song ‘Voices’. I don’t why but his voice reminds a little of Keith Deen of Holy Terror and maybe a bit of Wayne from Metal Church, namely his voice has a nice edge to it. He belts out songs that sort of all fall into a occult, dark theme with tunes about evil and hell, spectres and witches and of course reapers and reaping! The band relentlessly rattle and bash their way through primitive USPM which is exactly what they should be doing. Sure innovation and originality are maybe not the focal point here but that has never bothered me. Drummer Jon Shafer thunders along keeping the whole album moving at a crisp pace. Every riff is solid Metal to the core as are the shred solos.

This is a totally kick-ass comeback. A really nice surprise, I’m glad they were able to pull it off. It will delight the few of us who remember the band from the first time around and with any luck WRATH OF THE REAPER will reap the band some new victims who may want to go back and check out the early stuff. Hexx prove you are never too old to rock for evil!
Track Listing

1. Macabre Procession of Specters
2. Screaming Sacrifice
3. Slave in Hell
4. Swimming the Witch
5. Dark Void of Evil
6. Unraveled
7. Voices
8. Exhumed for the Reaping
9. Circle the Drain
10. Wrath of the Reaper
11. Certificate of Death


Eddy Vega Vocals
Dan Watson Guitar
Bobbie Wright Guitar
Mike Horn Bass
John Shafer Drums



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