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House Of Lords
Saint Of The Lost Souls
October 2017
Released: 2017, Frontiers Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

House Of Lords are on fire! It just goes to show what a band can do if they have the three key elements for success. A stable line-up, a supportive label and most importantly consistency in song-writing for the bands signature sound. When these things all combine like they have for House Of Lords you can get a superb run of albums.

SAINT OF THE LOST SOULS doesn’t mess with the success formula and the band are now 11 albums deep into a career spanning 30 years! I’m fully biased, this is one of my favourite melodic Metal bands and I often cite them as an example of a band that survived the 90’s and thrived and are still making some of their best music of their career. The big harmonies, and big melodies and super big back-up vocals make this album so strong. That, elegant, regal, classy sound, however you want to define it, has been a past of the bands sound for so long that few other bands can touch this style. Even the consistency in album cover art, kings and queens and symbols of heraldry all add to the effective overall image of the band as leaders in this style.

The entire album has great, smooth clear production, and excellent keyboard tones. The tone and tempo are nicely mid-paced to quick songs that are written in a simple but effective manner. House Of Lords know how to rock with the best of them, see the opener ‘Harlequin’ but their power ballads is often where they shine the brightest. The ballad ‘Hit The Floor’ right away catapulted into one of my all-time favourite power ballads, not only because it so catchy, but partly because the poignant lyrics hit home for me about an event in my own past which ended in tragedy. This song really spoke to me and proves once again the power that music has to touch our hearts. Ballads aside the whole album really caught my ear and attention.

I’m pretty slanted towards these guys, some of the on-line reviews I’ve read are suggesting it is not as good as the previous album, but I like it better. SAINT OF THE LOST SOULS has been getting heavier rotation in my pile of eleven House Of Lords studio albums so I guess that is the final determining factor.
Track Listing

1. Harlequin
2. Oceans Divide
3. Hit the Wall
4. Saint of the Lost Souls
5. The Sun Will Never Set Again
6. New Day Breakin’
7. Reign of Fire
8. Concussion
9. Art of Letting Go
10. Grains of Sand
11. The Other Option


James Christian-Vocals
Jimi Bell-Guitar
Chris McCarville-Bass
B.J. Zamia-Drums



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