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Visions And Creatures Of Imagination
October 2017
Released: 2017, Steel Gallery
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Crete is one of the most beautiful and biggest islands of Greece and Mediterranean Sea. Last years, the metal activity has grown up on this island (Over The Wall Fest, Chania Rock Fest). And that’s not enough. On this island, Doomocracy has emerged somewhere in 2011. As their name reveals, this metal band pay tributes to the best epic/doom stonecold (Black Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus) behind their exemplary and amazing music.

I have to say that Michael’s vocals brought to my mind Robert Lowe’s ones. He is a very talented singer and epic/doom genre can add this guy to its best singers list. VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION is their sophomore album and probably their own breakthrough ! Produced by Jim Morris, this album has its own stomp and brilliance !

The band is very well practiced and it seems they did a very well built-up work on this album. The opener track, “Ghosts of the Past”, really grabs you by the throat and only lets you go when the last notes have faded. But not for long, because the following track, “Lucid Plainsof Ra” is also a killer Doom Metal track. Once again with an incredible pre-chorus.

However, despite the lofty heights, plodding riffs, and insane melodic parts that VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION welded together into an enormous doomy whole, there was still more to be done to establish Doomocracy as one of the most revered names in slow music and solidify the band's unique style. That's where VISIONS... comes in and, a few drawbacks aside, it's surely the most majestic album the group ever made so far...

The title track, guys, just rocks..... It’s an album on its own...Many bands would like and envy Doomocracy for this song ! VISIONS AND CREATURES OF IMAGINATION is an astonishing epic/metal album as only a few rednecks out there could create. This album is a very good sample for a newcomer to Doomocracy’s music and won’t let any doomer fan down. I’m pretty sure. I reckon this work has no flaw whatsoever and makes for a great standout among the plethora of doom metal albums available. Don’t expect for any suggesting hits here! The WHOLE album is a HIT !!

If you love Dark Elegies and Funeral Dirges...If you want something pure on epic/doom style... VISIONS... will satisfy your deep and doomy appetite.
Track Listing

1. Ghosts of the Past
2. Lucid Plains of Ra
3. My Bane
4. One with Pain
5. Guardian Within
6. Visions and Creatures of Imagination
7. Trinity of Fates
8. A Taste of Absinthe


Michael Stavrakakis - Vocals
Harry Dokos - Guitar
Angelos Tzanis - Guitar
Manolis Sx - Bass
Minas Vasilakis - Drums



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